Fun Facts About Birds in Pop Culture

Updated: Dec. 02, 2021

Discover 6 facts about birds in pop culture and the role they play in history. Learn about Harry Potter's owl, ravens at the Tower of London, and more!

A raven at the Tower of London.Hoberman Collection/Getty Images
A raven at the Tower of London.

Ravens Still Guard the Tower of London

King Charles II believed England would fall if there were no ravens at the Tower of London. Today, seven are kept on the grounds. Learn 8 surprising facts about ravens.

The Truth About Tootsie Roll Pops

Engineering students at Purdue University built a licking machine and found that it takes 364 licks to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, not three as Mr. Owl famously claimed. Check out these 6 fun facts about famous owls.

Sports Teams Have Bird-Themed Names

Five NFL teams are named after real and made-up birds: Eagles, Ravens, Cardinals, Falcons and Seahawks. Professional baseball, basketball and hockey teams are named after birds, too. (Here are 10 of our favorite bird-themed mascots!)

Important Role for Pigeons

During World War II, British armed forces used more than 200,000 homing pigeons to deliver crucial messages. Some of the birds were awarded medals for their bravery.

Harry Potter’s Famous Snowy Owl

In the Harry Potter books, the starring wizard’s owl, Hedwig, is female. But male snowy owls were used for the movie since they have a whiter appearance and weigh only 4 pounds—slightly less than female owls. Check out 15 outstanding pictures of owls.

Toucan Sam Gets an Update

After 57 years, Kellogg’s decided to give Toucan Sam a controversial makeover. The Froot Loops mascot is now more cartoonish and neon-colored.

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