9 Fascinating Facts About Common Ravens

Updated: Aug. 20, 2021

Learn raven facts about these intelligent, fascinating and charming birds, including where to find common ravens and what raven birds eat.

raven factsCourtesy Valeri Maisch
Raven at Grand Canyon National Park

Common Raven Bird Habitat and Range

Thanks to their ingenuity, common ravens survive and do well in all kinds of habitats—from tundra to Texas heat. You’re most likely to see these birds in the North, Northeast and and Western states. Common ravens have been moving into cities in recent decades. They thrive in some downtown areas of the West, like Phoenix and San Francisco. The stately raven may even be seen perched on neon signs in Las Vegas. Here are seven other places you can find them:

Common Raven Bird Size and Wingspan

Ravens are large black colored birds. They can be up to 25 inches long with a 50-inch wingspan. Raven vs crow: Here’s how to tell the difference.

common raven birdsCourtesy Jill Conner
Ravens are believed to mate for life

Common Raven Nests and Eggs

Ravens seem to mate for life and raise only one brood a year, which includes between three and seven young. Learn about 8 different kinds of bird nests and how to spot them.

Ravens Are Solitary Birds

Ravens are usually alone or in pairs during the daytime. If you see more common ravens together, it’s probably a family. Discover interesting facts about red winged blackbirds.

Common Ravens Are Highly Intelligent

Common ravens are some of the smartest birds on the planet, along with these other three cousin birds in the corvid family: crows, magpies, and jays.

raven birdCourtesy Charles Montgomery
Raven in Yosemite National Park

Ravens Appear in Literature and Pop Culture

The famous poem, The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe was first published in 1845. The DC Comics character Raven is a member of the Teen Titans. In the National Football League, the Baltimore, Maryland, team is called the Ravens. Check out our favorite sports team bird mascots.

Raven Birds Live at the Tower of London

King Charles II believed England would fall if there were no resident ravens at the Tower of London. Today, seven birds are kept on the grounds. Learn the difference between European robin vs American robins.

Common Ravens Also Live in Canada

According to the conservation program, Partners in Flight, roughly 18 percent of the 20 million raven birds in the world live in Canada. Meet the Boreal birds of the Northwoods.

What Do Ravens Eat?

Common ravens will eat almost anything. Twelve things they have been known to feast on are:

  • Mice
  • Baby tortoises
  • Eggs
  • Grasshoppers
  • Beetles
  • Scorpions
  • Fish
  • Dung
  • Grains
  • Buds
  • Berries
  • Pet food