How to Identify an American Redstart

The American redstart is a stunning, distinctive warbler. Learn how to identify these colorful birds, and see what the female and juveniles look like.

Redstart ID Tips

american redstartCourtesy William Canosa
A male American redstart is boldly colored.

Bright yellow plumage is common among warblers. But the vibrant American redstart is distinctive. Males are mostly black with rich, reddish orange patches on the sides, wings and tails.

Redstarts are among the most active warblers as they flit through trees. They fan out their brightly colored tails, a notable behavior that makes them easy to identify. If you’re birding on the edges of eastern forests, be sure to look for redstarts.

Like most warblers, redstarts usually aren’t interested in bird feeders. But they readily come to drink water from a birdbath.

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American Redstart Female

American redstart femaleCourtesy Linda Petersen
Females lack the orange colors of males.

Females are mostly gray and yellow or yellowish orange. Linda Petersen of Terril, Iowa, shared this photo (above) of a female redstart during fall migration.

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Juvenile American Redstart

juvenile american redstartCourtesy Lance Walker
Young male American redstart perched near water

For this species of warbler, the resemblance between the young birds and the adult females continues beyond the first fall. One-year-old males are subtly colored, like females.

During the second summer, a few black feathers show up on the males to set them apart from females, but it isn’t until later in the season that the male redstarts molt into full black-and-orange plumage.

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american redstartCourtesy Jon Toth
These warblers likely won’t visit bird feeders but you might see them at your birdbath.

One of the most common migrant warblers, the redstart spends the winter in the tropics, from Florida to South America. It breeds in summer in the eastern and northern U.S. and all across southern Canada.

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American Redstart Song

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This warbler’s variable song often ends in a sharp shew.

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