Tips for Fall Bird Feeder Maintenance

Fall is a great time to get your bird feeders in tip top shape for the winter feeding season.

Many people think of spring cleaning season but fall is a great time for cleaning up and maintaining your bird feeders. The winter feeding season is tough on your bird feeders so it’s best to have them in tip top shape before the snow and cold hits. Here are some of my best tips for cleaning and maintaining your bird feeders.

Tips for Fall Bird Feeder MaintenanceRob Ripma
Rob Ripma Suet feeders can become especially dirty due to melted suet during the summer.
  • Clean out all of your feeders using hot water and dish soap such as Dawn’s.
  • Once clean, submerge in a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach for a couple minutes. Rinse thoroughly and let it completely dry before refilling it.
  • Be sure all parts of the bird feeder are in working order. It’s better to fix or replace feeders now rather than when the birds are very active in the winter.
  • Clean up underneath your bird feeders as well. Spreading out the droppings and unused seed will help it decompose more quickly.
  • Don’t forget your birdbaths! You can clean those with the same bleach solution above. Whether you are putting it away for the winter or if you plan to use a birdbath heater, a good deep cleaning is a must.
Tips for Fall Bird Feeder MaintenanceRob Ripma
Rob Ripma These three finch species are enjoying this clean bird feeder. Can you name all three?

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