A Scandinavian Christmas Tradition for Your Birds

Updated: Nov. 30, 2022

Join the Scandinavian bird lovers with a special Christmas Day tradition. It just might bring you good tidings in the Year.

Feed Birds on Christmas Day

Bnbbyc18 Martina NordstrandCourtesy Martina Nordstrand
Male black rosy-finch

I have always found it very interesting to learn about other cultures and traditions, and when those intersect with my passion for birds and birding, it’s even better.

One of my favorite bird related traditions is from the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe. They believe that if you feed the birds on Christmas Day, you will have good luck in the New Year.

Christmas tree for the birdsCourtesy Nancy Tully/Country magazine
A Christmas feast for backyard birds

So, be sure to spread some seed on your doorstep on Christmas morning (try sunflower seed to attract the most species), and enjoy good tidings in the coming year! This is a fun and easy holiday tradition that the whole family can enjoy. P.S. Have you ever noticed how many gifts in the ’12 Days of Christmas’ are birds?

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I love when Red-breasted Nuthatches arrive at my feeders. I'm hoping that this is a year filed with them!Rob Ripma
I love when red-breasted nuthatches arrive at my feeders. I’m hoping for a year filled with them!

Maybe your luck will start early and a red-breasted nuthatch will find the seed you put out!

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