Gardening Basics: Joining a Community Garden

Don’t have space in your own backyard? Join a community garden, and enjoy growing your own food in a public space.

Find a Plot
Use the American Community Gardening Association’s website to search for a garden near you. Visit and click on Find a Garden.

The Fees
Size and fees vary by location, from roughly $20 for the season for a 200-square-foot space to about $200 for a 10,000-square-foot plot.

Garden With Friends
Find a community space and then prepare, plant and tend it with a friend. That way, if one of you is busy or goes on vacation, there’s always someone to take care of the garden.

Create Your Own Space
If there isn’t a public community garden space near you, consider starting your own. Do you have a lot of land or know someone who does? Section it off and rent out the plots.

Make a Reservation
Is it too late this season? It’s never too early to reserve a plot for next spring. Many of these places fill up!


DON’T go into your neighbor’s space. Many people use community gardens, so you want to be careful to stick to your own plot.

DO make the most of your garden plot. Once you harvest your spring crops, use the space to plant more veggies for late summer or early fall.

DON’T forget about your garden. It’s easy to overlook because you don’t see it every day, but make a schedule and check on it regularly.

DO be adventurous. Branch out beyond the tomatoes, peppers and cukes. Growing unique heirloom beans or bicolored eggplants could make you the talk of the garden.

DON’T ignore the weeds. They won’t confine themselves to your plot, and your neighbors won’t be happy.

DO make friends with others in the garden. They might have excess cherry tomatoes, while you have more squash than you can use. Time to trade!

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