Attracting Butterflies

Want to add some winged wonder to your backyard? Attract butterflies with these butterfly gardening ideas and our expert tips on the best plants and flowers that attract butterflies.

Monarch migration

Diary of Monarch Migration

The “super-generation” of butterflies that migrates to Mexico each year is simply amazing. Learn about the monarch migration journey.

Attracting Butterflies - Butterfly Host Plant

Top 10 Butterfly Host Plants

Ready to take butterfly gardening to the next level? Plant butterfly host plants to give caterpillars a place to grow!

Watching Butterflies

Watching Butterflies

Watching butterflies is a delight at any age, but finding them can be a challenge. Get tips to make butterfly watching easy and fun.


Year-Round Guide to Butterflies

Butterflies aren’t just for summer. Here’s what to look for as the habits of these irresistible charmers change with the seasons.

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