‘Tipsy’ Pots for Herbs

I like to keep up on fun, new gardening trends and ‘tipsy pots’ is one of them.  I recently saw a tipsy pots arrangement using a variety of herbs.

A week ago, I visited the gardens at the University of South Carolina, where I saw this tipsy pot.

The top pot contained chives, while the second one had cilantro growing in it.

Oregano, basil and more chives were planted in the third and fourth pots.

The bottom pot was filled with rosemary.

Tipsy pots are a great way to add ‘garden art’ to your landscape.  Adding herbs to tipsy pots creates a beautiful arrangement while also providing fresh herbs for your favorite dishes.

Making your own tipsy pots is easy to do.  My fellow blogger, Jill, made a table-top tipsy pot arrangement and Birds & Blooms has a tutorial on how to create your own tipsy pots.

How about you?  What would you plant in tipsy pots?

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