Splish Splash

One reader's hummingbird story promised, and delivered, action!

Lorie One reader's hummingbird story promised, and delivered, action!

Splish Splash

Our June/July 2014 issue features everything hummingbird, including an all-hummingbird edition of bird tales. Reader Cathy Scott of Bow, Washington, sent in this fantastic bird tale about hummingbirds bathing in her yard:

“I’m an avid hobby photographer, and some of my favorite subjects are the hummingbirds in my yard. When it was hot and dry for quite a while here in northwest Washington, I propped up the hose so it offered a gentle shower for the hummingbirds to play in. They took to it within minutes, and I was fortunate enough to get some photos and a video. I hooked up their shower several times, and they always took advantage of it.”

Did she say “video”? Why yes, yes she did. And better yet, she shared it with us. Click below for the cuteness.

  1. Kris Sterling says

    It looks like they could play the harp in that! Thank you for the smile! And idea…I think I’ll try it…After this draught year.

  2. Karen Gallacher says

    This is just priceless. Looking forward to setting up a little Hummer Shower in the backyard for my babies!

  3. Sherry says

    That was awesome! I love hummingbirds, and I loved seeing that video.
    I love the magazine, Birds and Bloom.

  4. Jo Davis says

    I watched both videos. These were the most amazing videos of hummingbirds I have ever seen. The praying mantis with the bee, what an amazing bonus. Thank you!

  5. Jane Cannard says

    This is so special. I am an Aussie and there are no humming birds here that I know of. I hand feed Kookaburra’s and butcher birds. I wish I could feed humming birds, so very special. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Karen says

    Thank you Cathy Scott for taking the time
    for all of us to share the joy of nature at play.
    In Wisconsin we get the Ruby Throat Hummingbird and I’ve experienced them
    “dancing” through my spray while watering
    flowers. Fun!

  7. Patricia G. says

    thankyou so much I enjoyed the liitle humming bird having his shower, I live in Mexico city and I have several coming to feed in my yard.

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