Attracting Hummingbirds

Wondering how to attract hummingbirds to your backyard? Learn how, with these tips and tricks from our experts.

Faithful or a Fling: Do Hummingbirds Mate for Life?

Find out what experts say about the question: Do hummingbirds mate for life? Also learn how male hummingbirds flirt to attract females.

Top 10 Annuals That Attract Hummingbirds

These easy-to-grow annuals that attract hummingbirds are filled with the sweet nectar that pretty pollinators can’t resist.

Rainbow Flyers: Brilliant Hummingbird Colors

Hummingbirds come in every color of the rainbow! These reader-submitted images perfectly show vibrant hummingbird colors.

Splish Splash: Add a Bird Bath for Hummingbirds to Your Yard

A bird bath for hummingbirds will catch their attention with moving water. Add a hummingbird bird bath to attract more...

Will Hummingbirds Use a Birdhouse?

Find out whether a hummingbird birdhouse will get used, as well as tips for drawing nesting hummingbirds to live in...

The Hummingbird Heart Rate is Unbelievably Fast

Everyone knows how quickly hummingbirds fly — but do their hearts beat just as fast?

10 Award-Winning Flowers That Hummingbirds Adore

Do hummingbirds like petunias or dianthus? Grow these award-winning flowers from All-America Selections to attract pollinators.

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The Only Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe You Need

Wondering how to make hummingbird nectar to fill your feeders? Get the simple DIY recipe for homemade hummingbird nectar.

50 Stunning Hummingbird Pictures You Need to See

It's a magical moment you snap hummingbird pictures. Here are some amazing pictures of hummingbirds captured on camera.

Top 15 Colorful Hummingbird Flowers to Grow

What flowers do hummingbirds like? Turn your garden into a pollinator haven with colorful hummingbird flowers such as bee balm...

Lucifer Hummingbird: What’s in a Name?

Was the Lucifer hummingbird really named after the devil? Discover details about the rare bright-colored flier, including where to find...

How Do Hummingbirds Use Their Tongues and Beaks?

Scientists tried for years to understand how a hummingbird tongue and beak works. Discover the fascinating ways these tiny fliers...

Hummingbird Size: How Much Does a Hummingbird Weigh?

You know hummingbirds are tiny birds, but their extra small size may surprise you. Get the answer from the experts:...

15 Amazing Baby Hummingbird Facts and Pictures

Baby hummingbirds are beyond adorable! Learn what a baby hummingbird looks like, how long they stay in the nest and...

Never Add These Foods to Your Hummingbird Mixture

Are honey and red dye bad for hummingbirds? Find out what ingredients you should always skip when making a hummingbird...

6 Simple Ways to Attract More Hummingbirds

Make your backyard the ultimate hummingbird hot spot with these top feeding tips. Learn easy ways how to attract more...

Attract More Hummingbirds for Less Money

Save time and money when feeding and attracting hummingbirds with these simple tips and tricks. Your wallet will thank you!

Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep at Night?

Learn where hummingbirds sleep, if they feed at night, and how they go into a deep sleep-like state to conserve...

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How Do Hummingbirds Find Feeders?

Readers often report that the same hummingbirds return year after year. Find out what the experts say about how hummingbirds...

What Foods, How Often and How Much Do Hummingbirds Eat?

Birding experts discuss what do hummingbirds eat—and how often they eat it! A hummingbird's diet includes more foods than you...

Top 10 Red Hummingbird Flowers

Give your garden a bold, colorful new look with gorgeous red hummingbird flowers that these pretty pollinators will love.

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Do Hummingbird Sightings Have Special Meaning?

Even the biggest fans of the species might not know that a sighting of the brilliant, jewel-colored hummingbird may have...

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Hummingbird Food: Sugar Water for Hummingbirds 101

Learn how to make sugar water for hummingbirds. Get the hummingbird sugar water recipe and ratio to make your own...

Facts About Hummingbird Tracking and Banding

You hear about banding of songbirds and raptors, but rarely about hummingbird tracking and banding. It's an extremely specialized activity.

Make a DIY Hummingbird Mister Birdbath

Hummingbirds can have difficulty using traditional bird baths. Create a hummingbird mister instead to give these little jewels a place...

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Small Garden

You're just a few plants away from hosting loads of hummingbirds! Here’s how to welcome them with even the smallest...

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How to Attract Hummingbirds: 10 Expert Tips

Attracting hummingbirds is easy when you start thinking like a hummingbird! Birding experts explain how to attract hummingbirds and keep...

14 Proven Hummingbird Photography Tips

Look, listen and learn! Here's how to shoot amazing hummingbird photography that captures these birds' dazzling colors and behavior.