Growing Corn in a Container

A couple of months ago, one of my favorite seed catalogs came in the mail, which is always an exciting event in my world.  I enjoy seeing the photos of flowers and vegetables while imagining how they would look growing my own garden.  One of the seed descriptions caught my attention.  Corn that is bred to grow in containers – yes, you heard me right…in a container.

Although the concept of growing corn in a container may sound a little far-fetched – last year, while on vacation, I saw some ‘blue’ corn growing in half-whisky barrels.

I love growing vegetables in containers in my own garden – lettuce, garlic, peas and spinach to name a few.  But, I was intrigued about growing corn in a container.  So, I ordered a packet of ‘On Deck’ hybrid corn seeds and bought a half-whiskey barrel for my own garden.

Because it did not have holes for drainage, I drilled a few holes.  (This old whiskey-barrel still smelled like whiskey – I wonder if I will have whiskey-flavored corn as a result 😉

To save me a sore back, my husband added the garden soil.

I planted the seeds and can’t wait to see them grow.  I will keep you updated as they grow.

Have you grown corn?  How about in a container?

Corn is a warm-season vegetable crop.  To learn when to plant corn in your area, click this link.


    • Noelle says

      Hi Cheryl,

      I followed the directions on the seed packet = 9 seeds per 24″ container.

      I can’t wait for them to come up :-)


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