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Meet Erin, our newest featured blogger and the writer behind The Impatient Gardener. She’s a master gardener and shares her 1.3-acre backyard and gardening knowledge on her blog. But you won’t find just flowers there; Erin is a true DIY-er and it’s a treat to follow her DIY project adventures.

Erin of The Impatient Gardener

What was the inspiration behind your blog and how long has it been around?

I started The Impatient Gardener in April 2009. I’m an editor at SAILING Magazine and, although I love to write about sailing, it can get tedious to always be writing about the same thing. I felt like I needed to write something completely different from what I do at work and that a blog would keep me “honest” about sticking with it. Gardening was a natural topic for me because it’s something I love to do and friends were often asking me questions about gardening, so I thought I could also share a little bit of knowledge or inspiration through my blog.

How did you get into gardening?

Gardening is such a wonderful activity because so many people are introduced to it by a family member, and my story is no different. My mother is a talented gardener who has created such an amazing garden retreat at my parents’ house. At some point after college I realized that I wanted to attempt to create that kind of beauty myself. I started with container gardens at various apartments and when the containers started taking over the patio at an apartment I shared with my now-husband, we realized it was time to start looking for a house with a big enough yard to satisfy my gardening urges.

What’s one of your favorite or most popular blog posts and why?

Although I cringe at seeing myself on a video and hearing my Midwestern accent, I really like the video post on how to tie a bowline and all the uses it has for gardening. It’s one of the few times that my two favorite hobbies—sailing and gardening—come together in a really beneficial way.

When you’re not doing yard work, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

I keep saying that I either need to stop adding fair-weather hobbies or move to a place where summer lasts much longer than it does here in southeastern Wisconsin. Sailing is my first love and it’s something I do all summer long on a variety of boats. I’m usually racing, but we occasionally relax and take a cruise or just go out for a daysail. But I also enjoy golfing with my girlfriends, beachcombing on the shores of Lake Michigan, training with my two Newfoundland dogs in water rescue and I recently discovered stand-up paddleboarding, which I’m really excited about.

What’s one quirky thing about yourself we can share with our readers?

I have to touch everything. If I see something I like or am fascinated by, my first inclination is to reach out and touch it. I am constantly petting the flowers in my garden and feeling the clothing hanging on the rack in the store. Even as a young child I couldn’t keep my hands off things and my parents tell me I dialed a television to death. I guess I’m just a very tactile person.

  1. says

    Yeah me too I need to find some hobbies that I can do when its raining outside. I love gardening as well and I’m saving up to have a nice greenhouse built, so I guess that will help with starting on the winter hobbies! :)

  2. James E. Unger says


    Even though we live on less than a 1/5 acre lot, this morning I collected 120 Japanese beetles and this evening 100. I take a small bucket of water and knock these beetles into it. Wet wings keep them from flying.
    I then take each one and cut them with fingernails and throw them into the ponds for the fish to eat. For smaller goldfish in the upper pond – i may rip them totally in half so to allow their smaller mouths to eat them. Even though we are using “milky spore” in the lawn to biologically kill them, we still get plenty of these beetles coming by. Hopefully we will see a decrease in a few years.

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