Blog of the Week: Little House in the Suburbs

Daisy, from the blog Little House in the Suburbs

Each Friday we feature a new site for our Blog of the Week. This week, we’re proud to spotlight Daisy Siskin from Little House in the Suburbs. Daisy is a regular contributor to the For Less section of Birds & Blooms magazine, and we adore her blog. It’s filled with useful how-to projects, gardening information and updates on goats and chickens! What’s not to love about that?

We asked Daisy, what’s the inspiration behind your blog?

Little House in the Suburbs is the co-creation of two friends, Deanna Caswell and myself, Daisy Siskin. We are inspired by our mutual fondness for making weird stuff from scratch, unconventional pets (like mini-goats and chickens) as well as a self-flagellatory need to tell people all about our embarrassing screw-ups.


How long has your blog been around?

We began blogging in August of 2008.

What’s your favorite backyard activity?

My absolute favorite backyard activity is to walk around my garden staring at my plants. I tell them when they are looking particularly gorgeous and say abusive things to the squash bugs.

What’s one quirky thing about yourself we can share with our readers?

If you live in my neighborhood and leave really sweet cardboard boxes or bags of leaves or grass at your curb for pickup, I WILL steal them. Compost heaven.

What’s one of your favorite or most popular blog posts and why?

Deanna likes our how-to post on making your own quick stick deodorant. For me, the hot peppers will be getting ripe soon, so it’s our post on making homemade Tabasco sauce.





  1. kristie kennedy says

    I read your article in the August/September Birds and Blooms on the for less instant garden bench. My dad is interested in more details on making this bench. I am pregnant and he would like to make it for his first granddaughter, but he does not consider himself a strong wood worker. Do you have more detailed directions? If so, could you email me them. My daughter Colleen would love this from her Grandpa, I just know it! Thanks, Kristie Kennedy

  2. Fran Elderson says

    I was reading the article on instant garden bench, could you e-mail me any more detailed plans on it that were in the magazine of birds and blooms thank you.

  3. JACK WALKER says



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