Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

attracting bluebirds

Attracting Bluebirds: Tips and FAQ

It’s easy to see why so many people are interesting in attracting bluebirds to their yard. We’ve got seven easy tips and answers to your questions.

Monogamous birds

Do Birds Mate for Life?

While there are monogamous birds out there, bird mating habits vary by species. Learn which birds mate for life, and which move on.

Smartest Birds

America’s Smartest Birds

Our smartest birds prove that the phrase “bird brain” is really a compliment! Learn which species top the list.

From Our Community

Feeding wild birds from the kitchen & cupboards

I have an over abundance of dried lentils. They look like something the birds would like. Can I give dried lentils to the backyard birds? Thank you. Catherine
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A question about Silkie chickens

Anyone out there knowledgeable about chickens? I have a question about Silkies. I have seen photos of Silkies with white feathers covering the tops of their heads and…
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