Top 10 Lists for Gardeners

Backyard gardening is a snap with these top 10 lists for gardeners! From foolproof plants to colorful flowers, we’re sharing our favorites to help you beautify your backyard.

Top 10 Vines For Hummingbirds

Attract hummingbirds from the ground up with a few of their favorite flowering vines.

Top 10 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

Plan a diverse vegetable garden with these easy-to-grow veggies and make this the year you finally get growing.

Top 10 New Plants for 2015

These brand-new plants received top honors from the All-America Selections judges.

Top 10 Sunny Sunflower Varieties

Discover a whole new face of this radiant bloom with our top picks of cool sunflower varieties.

Top 10 Spring Vegetables

No need to wait for summer to start your veggie garden! Try these top spring vegetables to get an early...

Top 10 Summer Veggies and Fruits

Serve fresh produce from your garden at every barbecue when you grow these top 10 summer veggies and fruits.

Top 10 Plants for Rocky Soil

Does your shovel hit stones every time you dig? You need our list of top plants for rocky soil.

Top 10 White Flowers

Choose white flowers for extra impact in the shade, or for a garden that lights a spark after dark!

Top 10 Fragrant Flowers

The best blooms are those that fill the air with perfume. Fill your garden with these fragrant flowers.

Top 10 Best Value Plants

Don't waste your time or money. Choose these best value plants to make every garden a beautiful one.

Top 10 Old Fashioned Flowers

Looking for old fashioned flowers like your grandmother used to grow? Try these lovely old standards!

Top 10 Winter Bloomers For Your Flower Garden

Snow, sleet and high winds make it hard for gardeners to get outside in winter. Add color to your frost-covered...

Top 10 Shade Tolerant Coral Bells

Discover why these fabulous shade tolerant beauties are some of the best-kept secrets in the garden. You’re going to wonder...

Top 10 All-Time Shade Garden Ideas

Is your yard starved for sun? Turn your backyard into a thriving oasis with these tried-and-true shade garden ideas.

Top 10 Best Roses

There’s a longtime love affair between gardeners and roses. Find your new favorite tried-and-true rose on our list of the...

Top 10 Year-Round Perennials

Want a garden that’s beautiful all year long? It’s possible with these backyard gardening picks for year-round perennials.

Top 10 Bizarre Plants

These plants are not garden basics! Walk on the wild side with these weird and wonderful bizarre plants.

Top 10 Backyard Vines With Fall Flair

Grow these fall vines to brighten your autumn landscapes with blazing foliage, colorful berries and fetching flowers.

Top 10 Award-Winning Hummingbird Flowers

You’re sure to lure lively hummers to your backyard with this list of award-winning hummingbird flowers courtesy of All-America Selections.

Top 10 New Plants for 2014

It’s time to celebrate! The garden world is abuzz over this year’s arrivals, and we're sharing our list of top...

Top 10 Plants for Sandy Soil

Since water runs right through sandy soil, the growing conditions are rather dry, even if the area gets a lot...

Top 10 Plants for Clay Soil

Slow-draining clay soil makes life difficult for many plants. Not to worry: these 10 plants for clay soil thrive in...

Fast Growing Trees to Add Beauty to Your Backyard

Whether you're building up the landscape in your backyard, or looking to add shade and privacy, here are our recommendations...

Top 10 Plants to Grow From Plant Cuttings

Are friends always admiring your gorgeous flowers? Spread the splendor of your garden with these beautiful plants, perfect for starting...

Top 10 New Plants for 2013

These new plants made the top of our list in 2013. Check the list and add a few to your...

Top 10 Best Tomatoes to Grow

Go beyond the ordinary with these unique picks that boast terrific flavor and bright colors for your tomato garden.

Top 10 Shrubs for Shade

Don't let your shady yard stop you from having a lively landscape—jazz up your space with our list of the...