Stop Mosquitoes With a Citronella Scented Geranium

Need an easy to grow container plant that keeps mosquitoes away from your patio? Try growing a citronella scented geranium this summer!

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Do Scented Geraniums Repel Mosquitoes?

scented geraniumVia Burpee
Citronella scented geranium

Scented geraniums are delightful plants to have around, because the ornamental foliage has a pleasing fragrance. Scents include mint, pine, rose, nutmeg and lemon. The leaves release their lovely scent when brushed or touched, so grow your scented geranium on the porch or in a window box for a quick whiff.

Burpee offers a citronella scented geranium that promises to keep pesky mosquitoes away from your backyard barbecue. Reviewers rave, giving the plants 5 stars, saying the plants were healthy and lush, with true mosquito-repelling power. (Psst—need more bug-repelling plants? Try growing nasturtiums!) One verified purchaser says, “No matter which way the breeze was flowing, the bugs just stayed away.” Another mentioned that the plants also produce small pinkish-purple flowers.

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Care and Growing Tips

  • Common name: Scented geranium
  • Scientific name: Pelargonium spp.
  • Zones: Annual
  • Light needs: Full Sun
  • Soil: Moist, well-draining

Like other geraniums, these plants grow well in containers with well-draining potting soil. Place them in full sun and admire their fast-growing, fragrant foliage all season long. These pretty plants are easy to grow. In fact, geraniums are best when left to their own devices. Water thoroughly, but only as needed. Then sit back and let these plants indulge your senses.

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Backyard Tip

These plants are considered annuals and will not survive outdoors after a killing frost or hard freeze. However, like begonias, you can overwinter your scented geraniums indoors as houseplants. When properly cared for, a geranium plant can survive for several years. Easy propagation from cuttings also makes it simple to share your favorite geraniums with friends and family.

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