How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Yard

Updated: Feb. 10, 2023

Get expert advice for how to get rid of dandelions and keep them from coming back. Plus, find out why you may want to leave dandelions alone.

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) meadowMartin Ruegner/Getty Images
A field full of dandelions

If your lawn is currently covered with dandelions, you’re not alone! Whether you think of these yellow flowering weeds as a nuisance or a delight, they’re certainly a reliable sign that spring has arrived. Read on for expert advice on how to get rid of dandelions (if you prefer).

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How to Get Rid of Dandelions

how to get rid of DandelionsCourtesy Bev Miko
Keep your lawn healthy to help get rid of dandelions

“Are there any natural ways to get rid of dandelions?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Char Jasinski of New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Garden expert Melinda Myers weighs in with a few options: “Many gardeners are opting to leave a few dandelions in the lawn and garden to help feed early visiting pollinators,” she says. “But you can do a few things to manage the plant if that is your goal.”

If the amount of dandelions in your yard is small, Melinda recommends consistently digging them up with a forked-tip weeder to pop out the taproot. Spot-treating with an organic weed killer and removing the seed heads can also help.

“Organic weed killers that use plant oils, vinegar and soaps as the active ingredients only burn the tops of the plants and leave the roots alive and ready to grow again,” Melinda says. “But repeat application can eventually weaken and kill the unwanted plants.”If you choose to use organic weed killers, keep in mind that these products can also damage nearby grass and any desirable plants they contact.

Melinda also suggests another option: Mulching garden beds helps suppress dandelion and other weed seeds from sprouting. Check out the 6 best types of mulch for your landscape.

Tips to Keep Dandelions From Coming Back

251894425 1 Karin Mitchell Bnb Bypc2020Courtesy Karin Mitchell
Dandelion seeds

It may sounds simple, but having a healthy lawn is actually your best defense against weeds, including dandelions. Melinda recommends mowing high and fertilizing properly to increase the vigor of the grass so it is better able to outcompete the weeds.

Melinda also points out that an iron-based weed killer containing FeHEDTA is showing promise for managing dandelions and some other broadleaf weeds in lawns. As always, be sure to read and follow any label directions carefully.

Follow these tips and tricks for a weed-free backyard.

Benefits of Dandelions

Monarch butterfly on a dandelion flowerCourtesy Deborah Eberhart
Some pollinators, like this monarch butterfly, will stop by dandelions.

You can also choose to live with dandelions. The seeds ripen just in time to nourish goldfinches and indigo buntings during their spring migration. Humans can enjoy dandelions, too! The greens go great in salads and taste similar to arugula.

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