7 Best Seed Storage Containers and Boxes

Updated: Dec. 15, 2022

Stay organized this growing season by storing your seed packets in a useful seed storage box or container.

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Garrett Wade seed storage box
Via GarrettWade.com

Seed Storage Container

Catalog up to 50 of your favorite seed packets at once in this beautiful wooden seed storage container. It’s like a little library box for your seeds!

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seed saving envelopes
Via Etsy.com

Seed Saving Envelopes

Label top choices for next season with a 10-pack of envelopes for collecting and saving seeds from your harvest. You can personalize the envelopes for a great gift idea.

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seed storage box
Via Shopterrain.com

Hand Carved Seed Storage Box

This beautiful hinged storage box is hand-carved out of ash wood, with multiple compartments so you can neatly organize all of your favorite seed packets. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to keep it on display year-round.

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seed tin
Via Burpee.com

Fordhook Seed Tin

Keep your favorite seeds well organized in this beautiful metal container that looks like a vintage seed house. An airtight seal will keep your seeds fresh and viable.

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seed storage box
Via Merchant

Seed Organizer Box

We love the clear lid on this wooden box, which makes it easy to see the pretty, colorful labels on your seed packets stored inside.

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seed storage
Via Etsy.com

Garden Seed Storage

This plastic storage box is the perfect solution for the person you know with the biggest, most bountiful gardens. (Maybe it’s you!) You can customize the front design and the labels to store your favorite types of veggie and flower seeds. Get tips for saving tomato and veggie seeds from your harvest.

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West Elm gardening folding seat
Via WestElm.com

Folding Gardening Seat with Tools

Not only does this folding seat give you a place to rest while gardening, it also holds five gardening tools (included) in a detachable tote. There’s lots of pockets for your seed packets and other small garden items such as gloves. Psst—don’t miss the top 10 essential garden tools list.

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