Drought Tolerant Gardening

From drought gardening advice to recommendations on the best drought resistant flowers, make the most of the dry conditions in your backyard with these expert tips.

Let’s Talk About Painted Succulents

The bright colors will catch your eye, but what are you really getting when you buy painted succulents?

What’s Wrong With My Succulent?

Five quick fixes and troubleshooting tips for succulent growers.

How to Easily Grow Succulents Indoors

Even superstar plants need a little TLC. Here's how to grow them with ease.

Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)

The striking flowers of Desert Rose are reason enough to grow this succulent indoors or out, but the stem adds...

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Tips

Drought-tolerant landscaping, also known as xeriscaping, can be colorful and interesting. Get some tips to make the most of it.

How to Grow a Drought Tolerant Rosemary Shrub

A rosemary shrub isn't just for cooking—rosemary is also a great ornamental plant that does well in the landscape, including...

4 Drought-Tolerant Flowering Shrubs for Southern Gardens

If you think drought tolerant means boring, try drought-tolerant flowering shrubs you'll want in the garden even when rainfall is...

Drought Tolerant Agave Make Great Container Plants

The spiky leaves of agave make it a popular drought tolerant plant. What's more - it makes a great container...

Drought-Tolerant Butterfly Vine

Need a drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant vine for your flower garden? Butterfly vine might be the answer.

5 Flowering Drought-Tolerant Ground Cover Plants

Replace your thirsty ground covers with these flowering, drought-tolerant plants that are sure to add beauty to your garden while...

Drought Tolerant Succulent Superstars

Discover what makes these drought-tolerant beauties the hottest thing in horticulture.

Container Ideas: Miniature Succulent Fairy Gardens

Looking for unique container ideas? Create a fairy garden using succulents whose unique shapes add a whimsical twist to miniature...

Drought Tolerant Aloe Vera

Beautiful and drought tolerant - aloe vera attracts hummingbirds and can be grown in almost any garden.

The Gardener’s Guide to Xeriscaping

Use this drought garden strategy to conserve water in any environment.

Drought-Tolerant Succulents

Hardy and handsome, these drought-tolerant gems are perfect for container gardens.

Top 10 Drought Gardening Ideas

Beat the heat with these ten drought gardening tips.

Colorful Drought Resistant Plants

Choose drought resistant plants for more color without using a lot of water.

How Does a Cactus Reproduce?

Find out how do cactus reproduce and how gardeners can propagate a cactus from cuttings to get more free plants.

Growing Succulents From Cuttings

Growing succulents from cuttings is easy when you know how. Take cuttings from friends' plants, or start them from your...

Cactus Flowers, Fruit and Shelter

Take a walk through the desert and you will most likely see cacti made up of flat pads covered in

Dahlberg Daisies for Dry Sunny Gardens

A few years ago, I came upon some Dahlberg Daisies (Thymophylla tenuiloba) at my local nursery, and fell in love

Fire Resistant Plants for Your Landscape

Danger from wildfire is a reality that many people have to deal with. Creating a defensible space around your home and

Look for a Cactus Skeleton in the Desert

Did you know that you can find skeletons in the desert? Not from animals, but look for a cactus skeleton...

How To Plant and Grow Agave Pups

Agave plants bloom once and then die.  However, agave do produce 'offsets' or as they are often referred to, agave...

The Beautiful Flowers of Cacti

Don't dismiss a cactus as a boring plant.  Imagine how beautiful it looks for a few months when it is...