Drought Tolerant Gardening

From drought gardening advice to recommendations on the best drought resistant flowers, make the most of the dry conditions in your backyard with these expert tips.

What’s Wrong With My Succulent?

Need succulent troubleshooting tips? Find out what's wrong with your succulent and how to fix shriveled leaves and stretched out stems.

Container Ideas: Miniature Succulent Fairy Garden

Looking for unique container ideas? Create a succulent fairy garden using succulents and miniature fairy garden accessories.

Growing Succulents 101: What You Need to Know

Interested in growing succulents? Here's what to know before starting your garden, including types of succulents to grow and watering...

How to Take Care of Succulents, Inside or Outdoors

Don't stress, but succulents do require a little bit of care. Here's how much to water succulents, and how to...

Grow a Flock of Hens and Chicks Plants

It's the perfect succulent for a beginner gardener — but what's with the name? Here's what you should know about...

Hoya Plant Care Tips from a Garden Expert

A hoya plant or a hoya heart plant is a perfect choice for a beginning succulent parent. Find out how...

Is a Donkey Tail Succulent Invasive?

A donkey tail succulent is adorable, with rows of bright green leaves. But is it invasive? Hint—make sure you are...

Does Your Jade Plant Need Repotting?

Here's how to tell if you should be repotting a jade plant into a larger container. Plus, get expert tips...

Top 10 Water Wise Plants That Will Thrive in a Dry Spell

Grow water wise flowers and shrubs that look absolutely gorgeous, help out pollinators and flourish in drought conditions.

Top 10 Flashy Flowering Succulents to Grow

Think all succulents are boring and green? Think again! Flashy blooms adorn the funky foliage of these flowering succulents.

6 Flowering Full Sun Desert Plants to Grow

Is your yard hot, hot, hot? Plants these flowering full sun desert plants that will grow and thrive even in...

Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials

These eye-catching, reliable plants keep on growing. Low maintenance perennials will save you money and add beauty to your backyard.

11 Succulents That Will Attract Pollinators

Succulents provide food and nectar for pollinators. Watch a bee, butterfly or hummingbird land on a succulent and witness a...

How to Grow and Care for Kalanchoe, Indoors and Outdoors

A popular succulent, kalanchoe boasts long-lasting flowers and interesting foliage. Get tips for kalanchoe care and re-blooming.

15 Ways to Conserve Water in the Garden

When rain is scarce, gardeners need ways to conserve water. Follow these tips to use water smartly and still keep...

Straw Bale Gardening: How Does It Work?

Take on the challenges of gardening in a new way with a straw bale garden. Bales hold moisture and provide...

12 Perfectly Pink Succulents for Your Home

Add hues of dusty rose, magenta or bright coral to your growing greenhouse with these pretty pink succulents.

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How to Care for a Christmas Cactus and Help It Bloom

Learn how to properly care for a Christmas cactus to ensure it blooms and stays alive all holiday season.

How to Propagate Succulents (for More Free Plants!)

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to learn how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings. Before you know it, you...

Drought Resistant Trees and Plants to Grow for Birds

Be water wise and attract more birds to your yard by planting drought resistant trees and plants for food and...

Succulent Christmas Trees Are the CUTEST Christmas Decoration

If you aren't in the Christmas spirit just yet, these succulent Christmas trees will get you there fast.

Bring the Beach to Your Garden with a Rare Dolphin Succulent

Swim right over to this dolphin succulent plant. These dolphin succulents will make a splash with your other favorite houseplants.

Growing Tips: Mother of Thousands Succulent Plant

Learn if the mother of thousands plant is a good choice to add to your outdoor garden. You can also...

Grow Autumn Fire Sedum for Late Season Color

Learn how to grow and care of Autumn Fire sedum. Enjoy this fall flower's seasonal color, wildlife benefits and year-round...

Top 15 Drought-Tolerant Plants That Can Handle Dry Weather

Even when the rain stops, these drought-tolerant plants keep going strong. They’ll survive dry conditions while adding color and texture...

Top 10 Heat-Tolerant Plants

Summer sizzles, and so do these beautiful blooms! Choose from these top heat-tolerant plants for your summer flower garden.

Drought-Tolerant Blackfoot Daisy Can Take the Heat

Native to the southwest, blackfoot daisy loves hot, dry conditions. Grow this gorgeous flower in the sunniest spot you have...