Container Ideas: Miniature Succulent Fairy Garden

Updated: Jul. 29, 2022

Looking for unique container ideas? Create a succulent fairy garden using succulents and miniature fairy garden accessories.

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Design a Succulent Fairy Garden

Succulent Fairy Gardens

Do like the idea of a miniature world existing within a container? Creating miniature fairy gardens is a great way to indulge your love of plants along with a dash of imagination. A newer twist to miniature fairy gardens is to use succulent plants. The unique shapes and colors of a succulent fairy garden add a touch of whimsy to a tiny world.

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Add Natural and Whimsical Elements

succulent fairy garden houseNoelle Johnson

The elements of miniature gardens can vary from incorporating natural items such as pebbles, seed pods or twigs to small furniture, small houses or even fairies themselves. The one common element that ties all miniature gardens together are small plants. Using succulents in pots are a great way to create container gardens that are low-maintenance and do not need much water. DIY project: Here’s how to make a terrarium.

succulent fairy gardenNoelle Johnson

Miniature succulent fairy gardens don’t have to be expensive. You may already have many of the supplies already laying around your home and garden. Learn how to turn a birdbath into a mini fairy garden.

Do you have a shallow container that has been standing empty too long? As long as it has a hole for drainage holes, it will work for your miniature succulent garden.

The next step is to take a walk outside to collect some other natural elements such as small rocks, sea shells or pebbles. The beauty of these small gardens are in the natural, whimsical world that you are creating. Small twigs or pieces of bark can also find a place in your little garden.

Want to go a step further toward creating a world for fairies? Incorporate small pieces of furniture and maybe even a fairy figurine. I like to think of my fairy gardens as an outdoor dollhouse.

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Where to Find Succulents for Your Fairy Garden

Succulent Fairy Garden 3Noelle Johnson

Incorporating succulents into your miniature gardens can cost next to nothing because they are so easy to start from cuttings. A great way to get a variety of succulents without spending a lot of money on individual plants is to head to your local nursery or big box store and buy a ready-made pot filled with a variety of succulents. Try Burro’s tail, Crassula ‘gollum’ jade, hens and chicks, jade plant, kalanchoe, panda plants and peanut cactus.

When growing succulents in containers, well-drained soil is vital. Fill your container with a potting mix formulated for cacti and succulents. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to completely dry out before watering again. Take care not to wet the leaves of your succulents.

Place your miniature, succulent fairy garden in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. A south-facing window is best.

Creating a miniature world for fairies in a pot is one of my favorite container garden ideas.

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