From helpful bird species profiles to expert tips on attracting birds to your yard – we have all the information you need to start birding.

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How You Can Help Hummingbirds in Extremely Hot Weather

From adding a bird bath to cleaning feeders more often, here's what you can do to keep your hummingbirds safe on days with hot weather.

Identify and Attract a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Learn what a male, female and juvenile rose breasted grosbeak looks like, what their song sounds like, what they eat...

Meet the Thrush Bird Family: Sweet Songbirds

From robins to bluebirds, these shy singers come in several sizes and colors. Know which is which when a thrush...

Welcome Feathered Families With Unique Birdhouses

Nest box requirements vary by species, but several characteristics for birdhouses are universal. Follow these guidelines for providing the safest...

Orioles and Fruit-Loving Birds Love to Eat Grape Jelly

Go beyond birdseed and mix up your backyard menu with grape jelly for birds. Fruit-eating orioles, catbirds and tanagers love...

Identify and Attract a Yellow-Rumped Warbler

See what a yellow-rumped warbler looks like. Plus learn what they eat, when they migrate and why they're nicknamed butterbutts.

Is This White Mourning Dove Albino?

Spotted a white dove? Learn how to tell if you're seeing an albino mourning dove. Plus, see other backyard birds...

April Showers: 12 Pictures of Flowers With Raindrops

Raindrops add whimsy to these already beautiful backyard scenes captured by our talented readers. Enjoy the beauty of rain with...

Blue Grosbeak vs Indigo Bunting: How to Tell Them Apart

Spotted a blue bird that you can't identify? Here's how to ace a common birding test: blue grosbeak vs indigo...

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Keep House Sparrow Nests out of Bluebird Boxes

Experts reveal how to keep house sparrow nests out of bluebird houses and away from feeders. Win the bluebird nest...

How to Identify an American Redstart

The American redstart is a stunning, distinctive warbler. Learn how to identify these colorful birds, and see what the female...

16 Funny Butterfly Pictures You Need to See

Keep your cameras ready this spring. A funny butterfly moment could flutter into view at any moment.

11 Reasons Why Birders Are Obsessed With Warblers

Warbler sightings are a welcome sign of spring for birdwatchers. Check out amazing facts about these migrating birds.

9 Funny Bird Nest Pictures You Need to See

From wrens who nested in the pocket of a pair of jeans to a hummingbird who nested on a chandelier,...

Meet the Bold and Beautiful Bullock’s Oriole

Spot a Bullock's oriole in the western U.S. during breeding season. Learn what the males and females look like and...

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Where Do Birds Go During a Rain Storm?

From thunderstorms to blizzards, we'll show you how to protect birds by turning your yard into a shelter.

The Most Common (and Colorful) Finch Birds You Might See

These popular red and yellow birds in the finch family are backyard favorites for bird-watchers in spring and summer.

How to Get a Trapped Hummingbird Out of Your Garage

Be very patient with these small creatures if they accidentally end up in your garage.

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Range Doesn’t Cover the West

Although the ruby-throated hummingbird range is widespread, you won't find this species everywhere throughout North America.

Do Fighting Hummingbirds Ever Hurt Each Other?

You've probably seen aggressive hummingbirds fighting over feeders and flowers. Do these tiny birds ever injure themselves in battle?

Birdability Blazes a Welcoming Trail for All Birders

Birding is for every body! Learn about Birdability, a birding organization improving accessibility to get more people into nature.

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Can Hummingbirds Even Fly Backwards?

Hummingbirds are acrobatic birds that can hover and even fly backwards. Learn the science behind the magic.

Keep Your Yard Safe From Hummingbird Predators

If you love attracting hummingbirds, you'll want to keep them safe. Find out which hummingbird predators to watch out for.

Meet the Brilliantly Colored Buff-Bellied Hummingbird

Buff-bellied hummingbirds shimmer in southern Texas. Find out what they look like, what foods they eat, and where they build...

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See the Winners of the 2022 Backyard Video Contest

There's so much activity to see right in the backyard. Check out the fantastic winners of our 2022 Backyard Video...

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Amazing Bird Feeding Video Contest Winners

We never tire of watching birds at feeders. Three birders captured fantastic bird feeding videos and won our 2023 Bird...

Birding Guidelines: Birdhouse Hole Size Chart

Follow the guidelines on this birdhouse hole size chart to make sure you're offering the right birdhouse for your feathered...

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When Should You Put Out Hummingbird Feeders in Spring?

One of the most exciting signs of spring is when hummingbirds come back. Learn when you should put out hummingbird...