10 Nature Ornaments Your Christmas Tree Needs

If you enjoy birds, gardening, or the great outdoors, check out this roundup of nature ornaments to deck your Christmas tree.

Deck your halls with birds, butterflies, and a flower or two! These nature ornaments are just right for gardeners, birders, and anyone else who thinks the best days are the ones you spend out in the great outdoors.

1. Dig It Scrabble Tile Ornament

Nature Ornaments DigIt scrabbletileornament EtsyPhoto Credit: ScrabbleTileOrnament, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: ScrabbleTileOrnament, Etsy.com

Spell out your love of gardening for all to see! Made with vintage scrabble tiles and an adorable little shovel, this ornament is the perfect garden accent to hang on your Christmas tree.

Where to buy it: Scrabble Tile Ornament on Etsy, $9

2. Needle Felted Owl Ornament

Nature Ornaments Owl scratchcraft EtsyPhoto Credit: scratchcraft, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: scratchcraft, Etsy.com

Once you visit ScratchCraft’s artist shop, your biggest problem might be choosing which adorable owl ornament to buy! These needle-felted ornaments are all handmade, so each is a little bit different. Choose from knitting owls, owls in Santa hats, and more.

Where to buy it: ScratchCraft on Etsy, $24

3. Love to Garden Glass Ornament

Nature Ornaments LovetoGarden BronnersPhoto Credit: Bronners.com
Photo Credit: Bronner’s

Is your garden known for the best veggies around? Announce it proudly on your Christmas tree with this Hungarian glass ornament.

Where to buy it: Bronner’s, $9.99

4. Cloisonne Dragonfly Ornament

Nature Ornaments Dragonfly Pier1Photo Credit: Pier 1
Photo Credit: Pier 1 Imports

The shimmering wings of a dragonfly are one of nature’s most delicate wonders. This copper and enamel cloisonne ornament manages to capture some of that elusive beauty to add to your holiday decor.

Where to buy it: Pier 1 Imports, $14.95

5. Cozy Critters Ornament

Nature Ornaments CuteBird HallmarkPhoto Credit: Hallmark
Photo Credit: Hallmark

Even birds need a bit of help to stay warm come winter. This little guy is cozy in his knit hat and scarf, and all ready to join your home for the holidays.

Where to buy it: Hallmark, $12.95

6. Musical Butterfly Ornament

Nature Ornaments Butterfly TheLaserPlace EtsyPhoto Credit: TheLaserPlace, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: TheLaserPlace, Etsy.com

The dancing of butterflies on a summer breeze seems to evoke the sound of music. This laser-cut wood butterfly ornament, made of Baltic birch, carries that music on its wings.

Where to buy it: The Laser Place on Etsy, $6

7. Hand Painted Flowers Glass Ornament

Nature Ornaments flowers blackdogartjudy EtsyPhoto Credit: BlackDogArtJudy, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: BlackDogArtJudy, Etsy.com

Judy of Black Dog Art paints lovely flowers on traditional Christmas ball ornaments. She even accepts custom orders, if you’d like to have your favorite flower created especially for you.

Where to buy it: Black Dog Art on Etsy, $24.99

8. Hand Carved Titmouse Ornament

Nature Ornaments Titmouse oldeworldcarvings EtsyPhoto Credit: OldeWorldCarvings, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: OldeWorldCarvings, Etsy.com

These simple bird ornaments are carved and hand-painted by a family in the Blue Ridge mountains who have plied their craft for more than 30 years. Their bird ornaments include favorites like cardinals, blue jays, and this adorable titmouse.

Where to buy it: Olde World Carvings on Etsy, $20

9. Gardener’s SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament

Nature Ornaments snowflake AshlingAine EtsyPhoto Credit: AshlingAine, Etsy.com
Photo Credit: AshlingAine, Etsy.com

Look closely: the points on this snowflake are actually tiny garden shovels! This diminutive ornament can also be worn as a pendants on a chain, making this ornament serve double-duty.

Where to buy it: Ashling Aine Celtic Jewelry on Etsy, $14.99

10. Cactus in Santa Hat Ornament

Nature Ornaments Cactus HallmarkPhoto Credit: Hallmark
Photo Credit: Hallmark

Christmas comes to the hot and sunny desert too! This might just be the cutest cactus you’ll ever find – and no painful spikes.

Where to buy it: Hallmark, $9.99

Want to try your hand at making your own nature ornaments? Try these easy ice ornaments you can hang outside when the temperature drops.

Jill Staake
Jill lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes about gardening, butterflies, outdoor projects and birding. When she's not gardening, you'll find her reading, traveling and happily digging her toes into the sand on the beach.