Top 10 Summer-Blooming Shrubs

Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with these summer-blooming shrubs that provide a robust nectar source in your own backyard.

Gorgeous springtime blossoms…fantastic fall color…tasty winter berries: When it comes to shrubs, these come to mind first. But superb summertime blooms? Yes, actually! You can find a whole slew of shrubs that flower in summer, which makes them outstanding nectar sources for hummingbirds. So we couldn’t think of a more fitting issue than our annual hummingbird special for our Top 10 summer-blooming shrubs. Add a couple of these summer-blooming shrubs to your backyard, and you’ll keep the hummingbirds (and butterflies) happy for years to come.


(Caryopteris, Zones 5 to 9)

If you long for blue flowers, this bold little shrub could provide exactly what you’re looking for. Most grow to only 2 or 3 feet high in full sun, making them a natural choice for limited space. The deep blue flowers emerge in late summer and keep right on blooming through fall. This one’s a favorite of butterflies, too.

Favorites: We’re partial to the Petit Blue cultivar because of its dramatic, compact growth and rich green foliage. We also like Blue Mist, known for its long bloom season and silvery-green leaves.

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  1. says

    wish I had my OWN backyard to attract the little hummers with plants that draw them! I do miss my folks summer house with 2 hummer feeders!! Watched them close up as the back door window – about 4 foot away! If you stay very quiet, they will stick around & feed while you watch!

  2. Peggy S says

    Another great summer bloomer is hypericum. The one I have also gets great berries that turn from pink to black, and the leaves turn color well. It is a fairly low mound.

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