Top 10 Plants for Harvesting Seeds

Stick to your plant budget by harvesting seeds from these 10 flowers.

Maybe you want to share a favorite plant with friends and family. Or perhaps you just want more bang for your gardening buck. Whatever the reason, harvesting and planting your own flower seeds takes little effort—and as these beauties burst into bloom, you’ll appreciate them more than ever.

We asked our friends at Seed Savers Exchange to help us gather a list of the 10 best flowering plants for harvesting seeds. These are specific cultivars, but you can apply the seed-collecting techniques to similar plants. If you’re not familiar with the nonprofit exchange, check out its website,, which has a wealth of information on seed preservation, storage and planting. Use these tips to start saving—seeds and dollars!

Radio calendula

(Calendula officinalis, annual)

Perfect for northern gardeners, this long bloomer, also known as pot marigold, shines in shades of yellow and orange all summer. Its edible petals have a sweet-tart tang.

Seed saving: Calendula is one of the easiest plants for seed harvesting. But you’ll need to keep an eye on the blooms: As soon as they begin to fade, it’s time to pick the seeds. If you don’t get them soon enough, they’ll fall and the plant will reseed itself.

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