Time to Vote for the Backyard Photo Contest!

PhotocontestcollageI love our Backyard Photo Contest. The quality of entries never case to amaze me. We’d like to send out a big congratulations to these finalists. They will all receive $50 for making it this far. Then each category winner will receive an additional $100. (Voting is open now. Please vote via our Facebook page.)

The three category winners will be announced in early December, and we’ll have a final round of voting to crown our Grand Prize winner who will receive $1,000! Please join me in offering these great photographers a “congratulations” and don’t forget to go vote!


  • Patty Jennings, Stacyville, Maine
  • Robert Howson, Kirkland, Washington
  • Neal Zaun, Boulder, Colorado
  • Joe Povenz, Grandville, Michigan


  • Marissa Davis, Utica, Ohio
  • Jan Miner, Clay, New York
  • Caroline Brown, San Diego, California
  • Calvin Schoenleben, St. Cloud, Minnesota


  • Terri Chapman, Burbank, California
  • Carol Lynne Fowler, Seeley Lake, Montana
  • Warren Whaley, Columbus, Indiana
  • Douglas Beall, Salem, Oregon


  1. Phyllis says

    I am very disappointed that I am not able to vote in your backyard photo contest. I am not on Facebook. I will not join Facebook, I value my privacy too much. You should provide an alternative for non-Facebook people like me.

    • John says

      Phyllis, felt the same way you did. After reading different articles on the privacy issue, I found different there alternatives you can pursue. Use a different browser, Firefox and Opera are the 2 biggest but there are others that are also free. Then you can use CClearner to clean the browser, also freeware. Though this is only a suggestion it will not stop Facebook from collecting data from you if you deviate from your browsing on Facebook. Then after all there is the NSA!

  2. Larry Vaughn says

    In the Oct/Nov issue there is a cartoon with an invitation to supply a caption for it. I wanted to enter my caption, but can’t seem to find how to do it. Can you help me?

  3. Robin says

    I want to say, as others have, that we are disappointed that you are using facebook. Many of us, myself included, go out of our way to avoid using facebook. By making this your only avenue of communication, you are leaving us out. I will not be sending any more entries if you do not have an interest in including us all!

  4. Mike says

    I agree with the others; I would think you would realize who your typical readers are. A large percentage are not and will never be Facebook members. I entered the photo contest, but cannot vote, is that fair?

  5. Cheryl says

    I came on here to vote, but I too have made a deliberate decision not to use Facebook, so it looks like I can’t vote even though I’m a subscriber. :(

  6. Jacquelyn says

    I also agree with the others; I am not a Facebook member either and think it’s totally unfair that we can’t vote any other way. Last year we could just click on your contest page and vote..why the change? My husband was a finalist last year and entered this year, but we will be unable to vote on this years beautiful photos. Seems very unfair!

  7. Joyce Watkins says

    I do have a face book account but am unable to vote for the photo contest photos. Why make it so difficult to vote? I, too, don’t think a social site account should be required; just let us vote on the Birds & Blooms web site. The technology is available, take advantage of it so you don’t have disgruntled subscribers.

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