Get Your Roses Ready For Winter

Have you ‘tucked’ in your roses in for winter yet?  Or maybe you live in a warmer climate and your roses are still blooming like mine.

Well, whether you live where snow falls or live in an area with warm winters – your roses need help getting ready for winter.

Let’s start with those of you live in zones 6 and below:

- Water your roses deeply (about 18 inches).  This should be done after the first frost.  Roses will be using this water throughout winter.

- Pile soil over your rise so that it covers the bud union by at 1 foot.  This should be done in the fall.  Pull off any remaining leaves off of your rose at this time.

- Once the ground has frozen, cover the mound of soil with mulch about a foot thick.  Compost, leaves and straw make excellent mulches and can be spread around your roses in spring.

If you live in zones 7 or 8, winter rose care is somewhat easier:

- Simply mound your rose with mulch so that the bud union is covered by 1 foot.

For those of you who live in zones 9 and above, like me:

- Roses are often still blooming in the fall.  Go ahead and lightly fertilize throughout November.  Stop fertilizing in December.

- Prune back your rose bushes in January.  Sometimes, your rose bush may still be blooming, but it is important to prune them back at this time.  Remove all remaining leaves from your rose bushes at this time.

Whichever type of winter you live in; your roses will appreciate your help getting through the winter.

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