Try Bath’s Pink Dianthus for Fragrant Flowers

This dianthus variety has beautiful silvery green foliage topped with delicate fragrant flowers in the spring.

Looking for a plant that offers fragrant flowers and beautiful foliage too? ‘Bath’s Pink’ Dianthus might be just what your flower garden needs. This dianthus variety forms a mat of silvery-green, with fragrant flowers floating on delicate stems above each spring.

Fragrant Flowers Firewitch Dianthus

‘Bath’s Pink’ dianthus, also sometimes called Cheddar Pinks (the “pink” refers to the fringed edges of the blooms, not the color) have fragrant flowers that are reminiscent of cloves. They are closely related to carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) and share their scent. The flowers rise on delicate stems about six inches above the plant, and are perfect for cutting for small nosegays or bud vases. The low, mat-forming growth habit of this plant makes it an interesting choice for a ground cover or rock wall. Be sure to plant it in well-drained soil where it will not become overly wet during the winter months, or crown rot can occur. Choose full-sun spots for best growth and flowering. Cut back the spent blooms to encourage new flowers throughout spring and possible re-bloom in the fall.

Fragrant Flowers Firewitch Dianthus 2

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