Garden Art: Famous Painting Made of Real Flowers

Flowers instead of paint are used to recreate a Andy Warhol painting.

Have you ever seen a ‘painting’ made from fresh flowers?

On a trip to Las Vegas to the Bellagio Hotel, I saw a beautiful ‘living’ painting…


At first glance, you see a collection of brightly colored hydrangeas, carnations and other colorful flowers.


Step back a little, and you can see the red hypericum berries off to the side and maybe begin to see that the flowers are arranged in a design.  Can you tell what they are supposed to be yet?


Step back even further and you can see that the flowers are arranged to replicate an Andy Warhol painting called, Diamond Dust Shoes.

Carnations, hydrangea, roses, red hypericum berries are just some of the different flowers that are arranged to represent womens high-heeled shoes.


Here is a what the painting looks like.

However, I think that I prefer the one made out of flowers, don’t you?

On an earlier visit, there was another beautiful ‘painting’ made entirely of flowers and plants, which you can see here.  If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, take some time to view the beautiful conservatory at the Bellagio, which is filled with beautiful flowering plants as well as garden art like these created from flowers.

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