Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water

Updated: Mar. 15, 2023

If you need a colorful groundcover or container plant, look no further than Wave petunia. Here's how to grow this fantastic annual flower.

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Benefits of Growing Wave Petunias

Petunia E3 Easy Wave Blue Bloom 28600Ball Horticultural Company
E3 Easy Wave Blue Petunia

As the name suggests, a Wave petunia features a wave of vibrant color. Growing just 5 to 7 inches tall but spreading 2 to 4 feet, these bold flowers can engulf a container and bloom from spring until frost. They’re also known for growing quickly—up to 2 inches per day. Their rapid spread makes them perfect for a ground cover, but gardeners also frequently give them a place of honor in a container or a hanging basket. No matter how you grow them, it’s easy to surf this Wave.

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Wave Petunia Care

Tidal wave purple petuniaBall Horticultural Company
Tidal wave purple 

Common Name: Wave petunia
Scientific Name:  Petunia x hybrida
Zones: Annual
Size: 5 to 10 inches tall, with 2 to 4 feet spread distance
Soil Needs: Well-drained soil
Light Needs: Full sun

Many gardeners love Wave petunias because they’re easy to grow and they blow other petunias right out of the water. They thrive in the sun and require watering when dry, but need no excessive monitoring or care. They’re tolerant of hot and cold conditions, within reason—and they even resist deer.

To keep the flowers going and growing, the Wave Petunia website recommends pinching or deadheading so the plant expends its vital energy on creating more and more lovely blooms. The grower also suggests making sure the foliage is dry at nightfall and feeding regularly to ensure your plants produce the best, brightest flowers.

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Types of Wave Petunias

Screen Shot 2023 03 14 At 12.31.37 Pm, wave petuniaBall Horticultural Company
Shock Wave in “Spark Mixture”

You might not know there’s more than one variety of Wave petunia. There are, in fact, five (and the Cool Wave pansy as well!). The original Wave is an excellent choice for ground covers. Easy Wave petunias grow rounder than the original and are a good choice for filling out containers, while E3 Easy Wave petunias bloom earlier in the season than any other member of the Wave family.

Shock Wave petunias offer smaller blooms than the other varieties, and Tidal Wave petunias are the biggest, most upright and fastest spreading. You can buy Wave petunia plants or seeds, or look for them at your local garden center during the growing season.

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