Does a Ladybug Have Special Meaning or Symbolism?

Updated: Nov. 07, 2022

What does it mean if you see a ladybug? Are they good luck? Learn about ladybug meaning and symbolism, and what to do if one lands on you.

Ladybug Meaning and Symbolism

ladybug meaning symbolismCourtesy Sharon Sauriol
It’s a good day when you see a ladybug in your garden.

What does it mean when you see a ladybug? A ladybug holds many different meanings to different people. For some, a ladybug sighting foreshadows a bout of good luck. They’re also linked to fertility and rebirth; another possible ladybug meaning is that one’s family will soon expand. In the same way, ladybugs are tied to love—either in a current relationship or in one about to begin. In general, ladybugs serve as colorful symbols of positive change and renewal.

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Do Ladybugs Bring Good Luck?

Ladybug meaning good luck on a Child's HandStefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Getty Images
Some people think it is a sign of good luck if a ladybug lands on you.

Perhaps the most widespread association ladybugs have is with good luck. The connection between these spotted creatures and luck dates back centuries, with many ancient cultures believing ladybugs had a link to good fortune. The gist of the belief is that if a ladybug lands on you, you’ll have as many years of good luck as the bug does spots (so hope for a particularly polka-dotted one!).

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When a ladybug lands on you, by thinking about what you’d like to happen, you might increase the chances it’ll come true—like wishing on a star. Maybe it’s just the power of positive thinking.

Unsurprisingly, the reverse of this belief is also commonly held. Squishing a ladybug is thought to bring bad fortune, so you might want to stay away from whacking them. And really, you shouldn’t squish them anyway, since they are beneficial bugs and they eat other garden pests like aphids.

Ladybug vs Asian beetle: What’s the difference?

252756088 1 Dawn Buchanan Bnb Bypc2020Courtesy Dawn Buchanan
Ladybug on a sunflower

“I brought some of my backyard sunflowers inside the house to enjoy. Imagine my delight when I discovered a ladybug had hitched a ride inside. They say ladybugs bring good luck, and maybe that is so, since I was very lucky to get this shot,” says Dawn Buchanan.

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