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9 Breathtaking Blackburnian Warbler Photos

What bird is black, white and orange all over? The Blackburnian warbler is a gorgeous bird that will take your breath away every time you spot one.

Blackburnian Warbler - South TexasBirdImages/Getty Images

A Beautiful Blackburnian Warbler

If you’ve ever seen a Blackburnian warbler during spring or fall migration, with its fiery orange throat, you’ll never forget it. Birds & Blooms readers shared stunning photos of these colorful, beloved birds. While many warblers are striking, this species really stands out. Check out 16 spring warbler birds you should know.

09 Meganmorrison Bbxnov17Courtesy Megan Morrison

Wonderful Warbler in Fall

“Fall in Michigan is my favorite season for many reasons, including the colors, the apples and the warblers. I spend a lot of time with my camera on the deck of our lake cottage in Covert, Michigan, hoping to spot a warbler. My patience was rewarded with this beautiful Blackburnian warbler!” says Megan Morrison. Meet the colorful Canada warbler.

250800340 1 Megan Majkich Bnb Bypc 2020CourtesyMegan Majkich

Strike a Pose

“I took this photo of a Blackburnian warbler in June of 2020 at Scenic State Park in Bigfork, Minnesota. Blackburnian warblers are my favorite warbler and this guy sure wanted to pose for me!” says Megan Majkich. Learn how to identify a palm warbler.

250857311 1 Ken Young Bnb Bypc2020Courtesy Ken Young

Lake Erie Hotspot

“I was in Wendy Park, one of Cleveland’s Metroparks, on the shore of Lake Erie in May—aka bird-watching Nirvana. My head was on a turn-style as warblers were flitting in every direction. I started snapping pictures, thinking that I would never get one of my shots in focus. This stunning Blackburnian warbler proved me wrong,” says Ken Young. Psst—did you know you can attract a prothonotary warbler with a birdhouse?

blackburnian warblerCourtesy Amy Severino

Housewarming Gift

“I moved to a new home in late 2020 and found myself a little disappointed because I had moved further away from some of my favorite birding spots. Then one morning in May 2021, I heard the most lovely songs. When I stepped outside, I was stunned to see a flurry of warblers flitting about the treetops. I stopped in my tracks when I noticed two of the birds’ orange throats. Over the years, I’d traveled all over New England in spring in hopes of viewing a Blackburnian warbler. To my utter shock, there were two in my own front yard!” says Amy Severino. Learn all about black-throated blue (and green!) warblers.

blackburnian warblerCourtesy Jeff Brooks

Pretty in Pink

“I took this photo of a Blackburnian warbler in a flowering crab at our cabin in northern Minnesota. It was the first time I had ever seen one of these birds, and I thought the setting in the tree was very pretty,” says Jeff Brooks. Discover the top warbler hotspots to visit in spring.

blackburnian warblerCourtesy Cam Kline

Simply Stunning Species

“In my opinion, the Blackburnian warbler is one of the most beautiful warblers. I feel like this picture captures the beauty of the bird without any resistance from the background. This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever had the pleasure of taking,” says Cam Kline. Meet the majestic magnolia warbler.

blackburnian warblerCourtesy Tony Dvorak

Migration Star

“This is my favorite image of a Blackburnian warbler. I took the photo during spring migration at Magee Marsh in Ohio,” says Tony Dvorak. Get warbler migration tips for every type of birder.

Shutterstock 676270360

Tree Ornament

This Blackburnian warbler was photographed in the coniferous forests of northern Quebec, Canada in early spring. The bird’s yolk yellow throat stands out from the green surroundings. Next, learn how to identify yellow-rumped warblers and pine warblers.

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