Bird Species Profile: American Tree Sparrow

After breeding in the northern reaches of North America, this bird species arrives in much of the lower 48 to spend the winter.

There are some bird species that always make me think that winter can’t be far off. American Tree Sparrow is one of those species. After breeding in the northern parts of North America, they migrate south and winter throughout much of the United States. Unless you are in the southern third of the lower 48, you are likely to see this species each winter and in some years, they make it even farther south. You can see their wintering range via eBird reports here.

Bird Species Profile: American Tree Sparrow©Rob Ripma
Rob Ripma American Tree Sparrow can be identified by its rufous crown and eyeline, bicolored bill, and dark central chest spot.

This species loves long grasses and marshes but is also a pretty common feeder bird. Unlike many of the sparrows, you can find the American Tree Sparrow eating suet in addition to seed.

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