Top 10 Colorful Groundcovers

These easy-grow perennials will brighten your garden for years to come.

I like to think of ground covers as the problem solvers of the garden. They’re attractive, they fill in where other plants won’t grow, and you can use them as alternatives to high-maintenance lawns. Best of all, just when you think your garden’s full, you can always tuck a ground cover between pavers, in a container or almost anywhere else.

It’s no wonder ground covers are popular, but with so many options available, how do you choose? I decided to pick 10 colorful favorites, but I couldn’t do it alone. I enlisted the help of commercial grower Frances Hopkins, whose line of ground covers is called Stepables. Together we decided on the best and brightest, choosing the top 10 cultivars sure to fire up your imagination and spice up your yard. Ready to cover some ground?

Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’), Zones 3 to 8

Nickel-size golden leaves give this ground cover an unsurpassed ability to brighten boring spaces. Keep its roaming tendencies in check by planting it in poor soil under full sun and watering it sparingly. For maximum impact, use it as a spiller in containers, or let it tumble over a retaining wall.

Why we love it: When you need a fast creeper but don’t want the invasiveness of regular creeping Jenny, this variety makes a wonderfully manageable alternative, with a bright burst of color to boot.

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