Top 10 Best Roses

There’s a longtime love affair between gardeners and roses. Find your new favorite tried-and-true rose on our list of the top 10 best roses.

There’s a longtime love affair between gardeners and roses. But many roses are highly susceptible to black spot and other problems, while others can be finicky and fail to thrive. So keep the love alive with these rose selections. All of them are disease resistant, vigorous and so long-lived you can count on them for decades of beauty in your garden. We hope you’ll find your soul mate among the types we’ve included in our list of the best roses. Unless noted, these roses flourish in Zones 5 to 9 and Zone 10 in the West.

Best Double - Orchid Romance


This 2011 shrub rose from the breeders of Knock Out combines sumptuous antique blossoms with modern disease resistance and an ever-blooming habit. The initial burst of color softens to a paler pink.

Why we love it: Old-fashioned beauty, delightful citrusy fragrance, easy to grow—this newcomer is a winner.

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  1. Ellie Wood says

    I agree that Knock Outs are easier and less prone to diseases than other roses but if left to their own devises they become unsightly. I have seen them everywhere around town and many look awful… must be pruned and taken care of on a weekly basis… my opinion!

  2. Mary Reinhard says

    Love all 10 Rose bushes! Can we buy them from Birds and Blooms magazine? If not, where do we get them?

  3. Lois Mathews says

    my Zepherine Drouhin is in the shade and hasn’t bloomed for years. I’m thinking of removing it.

    • S smith says

      My zepherine Drouhin bloomed beautifully in full sun to mostly sun for at least 7 years but died almost completely after extremely cold winter last year and came back with thorns

  4. says

    Where is Belinda’s Dream, the best allaround
    rose I ever had-from Antique Rose Emporium.
    I am a member of the Herb Society ofAmerica
    and have owned over 40 different varieties-mostly old roses in 40 yr. …they definitely have more fragrance and staying power on
    their own, many were taken by rose rustlers
    from cemeteries and abandoned school yards
    with no care for years.

    • S smith says

      I agree Belinda’s dream was also my favorite all time rose
      It absolutely thrived in north Texas , but haven’t been able to find in MO

  5. Sande Chatfield says

    I am glad someone mentioned Belinda’s Dream!They are beautiful and look like an antique rose, is hardy and even in drought tries to keep blooming. A rose that is also grown from the people that developed Knockout gives us Home Run, just like Knockout, except the color is a bit more of an orange shade of red. Very hardy and blooms profusly.

  6. Susan Johnson says

    I had ( note I said had) two double knockout rose bushes. Both did very well for a few years. They were supposed to be drought tolerant and may have been. But, a year or two ago both bushes died suddenly. I left them to see if they would come back. There is a mite that is taking them over. It is a rosette virus that they have. Gardenias and drift roses are said to be getting the virus also. Neill Sperry has info on his facebook page and many people are writing in to ask questions and say what is happening to their roses. My knockouts were supposed to not need shaping or dead heading. The bushes got taller than me and I am near six feet tall. So I wouldn’t count on not needing to shape. Also nurseries are still selling these and advice is do not put another bush back in the same spot for one or two years.

  7. Susan Johnson says

    Also, there is no treatment for the virus taking over the knockout and drift roses and gardenias.

    • says

      Susan, the virus you mention, Rose Rosette Disease, is carried and transmitted by wind-blown mites. It can affect ALL roses, not just Knock Out and Drift roses. More information can be found at You can re-plant in the same area so don’t hesitate to try roses again. I’m sorry your roses grew so big, but we recommend cutting them back by 2/3 every spring. This will help keep them healthy and at a nice size of about 3-4″ tall max. Good luck.

  8. Murray says

    My all-time favorite was BLACK GARNET. It was an “All American Favorite” in mid to late 1980′s. It had 52 petals & was a very deep red and from a distance, the petals looked like velvet. The plant was a very hardy plant that lasted for years.

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