Feeding Birds with Recycled Baskets

Save money by feeding birds from baskets found at thrift and other bargain stores.

Jill Staake

Reader and Community member Sue Farris recently shared her easy, money-saving trick for adding new bird feeders to her yard. She purchases baskets from thrift stores, fills them with seeds or nuts, and sets them out or hangs them in trees. It’s just that simple, and the birds love it.

Feeding Birds

Sue Farris A sparrow enjoys a basket of sunflower seeds.

Sue notes that there’s no need to line the baskets; the small holes allow rainwater to drain out, keeping seed fresh. When baskets start to break down from the weather, you can dispose of them and easily find more at any thrift store, especially after Easter.

Feeding Birds

Sue Farris A tufted titmouse snags a peanut.

This is a great and inexpensive way to put out extra food in the spring for birds just returning after migration. Nesting birds need lots of extra food to keep them going in the spring. You can also try filling the baskets with peanuts in the shell for feeding birds like blue jays that might bully birds at your regular feeders, or to distract the neighborhood squirrels.

Feeding Birds

Sharon Sheron These baskets also make for great photo opportunities!

Have you tried hanging baskets like this for your birds? What other tricks do you have for feeding birds?

  1. says

    We have been doing the baskets for feeders for a few years now. The squirrels also like them. We get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them.

  2. bev montague says

    I’ve been using baskets to feed birds for over 20 yrs. now, & have gone through MANY of them… & to keep the rain/snow out of the “main” ones, I hang a baffle over them! The birds love it, & the squirrels have to stick to their “own” feeders…the ground.

  3. Joy says

    I keep my clothespins in a basket outside. After several years I had to replace it due to the birds picking it apart to make nests.

  4. patty says

    I would like 2 do this but not sure it would look right living in an apt. does it matter if the seed gets wet? I usually try bringing mine under cover on porch. I just moved here so not sure how many birds I will get. only thing about this is don’t hang 2 high in tree or u wont b able 2 c the birds.

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