PVC Pipe Homemade Bird Feeder

This large-capacity homemade bird feeder can be made from extra materials lying around your house and garage.

A PVC pipe and old plates make a cheery dining spot for birds! I made this homemade bird feeder with leftover material from our bathroom remodeling. You can decorate or paint the pipe any way you like. Bonus: It holds plenty of birdseed, and you can control how much seed is released. All the supplies should be available at a hardware store.


  • Short length of wide PVC pipe (ours is 4-1/2 in. in diameter)
  • Eyebolt, nut and 2 washers (ours is 8 in. total length)
  • Bread plate and saucer
  • Primer
  • Acrylic or spray paint
  • Finishing spray
  • Adhesive
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill and tile drill bit
  • Jigsaw

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut the pipe with a jigsaw so it's about 3 inches shorter than the total length of the eyebolt. (Be sure to wear safety goggles.) Cut four triangles out of the bottom edge of the pipe where the birdseed will be released. The bigger the triangle you cut, the more birdseed will come out at a time.

Step 2

Sand the rough edges of the cuts and the pipe itself to prep it for primer. Prime the outside; let it dry.

Now get fancy and decorate your pipe! There are endless ways to go: spray paint, stencils, paint pens and more. Let each layer of paint dry. When your design is completely dry, spray the entire thing with finishing spay.

Step 3

Drill a hole in the center of both the bread plate and the saucer with drill and a tile drill bit that will make a hole big enough for your bolt. Drill slowly with minimal pressure to avoid cracking your plates.

Step 4

Attach saucer to top of pipe with adhesive and let dry. Thread bolt through washer and saucer. Fill pipe with seed; attach bread plate to the open end with the nut and the other washer. Turn it over, hang, and let your flying friends enjoy!

  1. jan says

    very creative! I would put the larger of the 2 plates on the top though to protect the birdseed from rain/snow – especially since there aren’t any drainage holes around the edges of the bottom plate. In this image, it looks like the larger plate is on the bottom.
    The decorated PVC pipe is a great idea to replace the glass “tube” I had in a similar shaped feeder that was broken when the bears returned one spring. I only feed birds in the winter – when they are supposedly hibernating.

  2. Angel Platzer says

    LOVE the PVC pipe idea!! I have a wooded lot and have seriously aggressive squirrels, lol!! Maybe that is something they would not be able to damage quite so easily!

  3. Meredith says

    To fill, you would simply turn it upside down, undo the nut (and washer), remove the bottom plate and refill the PVC pipe. Put the bottom plate back on and turn right side up to rehang. This is a great idea…may have to try one or two.

  4. Charlotte says

    Yes defiantly larger plate on top. Then maybe drill a few small holes in the bottom plate for drainage. Otherwise this is a great idea. Me and my retired husband will be trying it.


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