Bowling Ball Garden Art Ladybug

Recycle an old bowling ball into a ladybug (or three!) with a little paint and a few supplies. This bowling ball garden art project brings charm to any yard!

We got the idea for this bowling ball garden art craft project from reader Joyce Kline and had so much fun creating our own, we knew we had to share!


  • Bowling ball
  • Black silicone caulk
  • Two 8.5-inch lengths of #6 copper wire (have the hardware store cut it for you)
  • Two 1-inch round wooden beads
  • 1 quart Kilz exterior primer
  • 1 quart red exterior latex paint
  • 1 quart black exterior latex paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Stenciling brush or sponge

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Prime and paint the bowling ball (three coats of red paint might be needed). After the paint is completely dry, apply painter's tape in the desired pattern. Stipple on black paint with a stenciling brush or sponge for texture.


Step 2

Make your own stencil by cutting differently sized circles from two pieces of painter's tape put top to bottom. We used 2-1/2-inch- and 1-3/4-inch-diameter dots. Stipple the dots. After paint dries, remove the tape.

Step 3

Fill the thumb hole with black caulk. Set in two antennae made from lengths of copper wire with painted wooden beads affixed to the top. You may need to prop them up so they don't droop while drying for 24 hours.

Step 4

These ladybugs are so easy to create, you may want to make a whole flock!Bowling Ball Garden Art Ladybugs

  1. Debra Anderson says

    I love this DIY project!! It will definitely catch peoples’ eyes when they walk by!! These ladybugs are adorable!!! I love your posts. Keep ’em coming! :-)

  2. Marian Richards says

    I Love lady bugs, have lady bug on my right foot. Going to start looking for an used bowling ball and get it painted, think this such a cute idea for a person’s yard.

  3. Katie says

    I did this and used rubber wine corks in the two small holes and a champaign cork in the thumb hole. That way no critters can set up residence in the small holes and I don’t have to use so much caulk in the thumb hole. I hit them in with a rubber mallet and then caulked around the top seam. Very cute!

    • billy says

      Thanks to katie for the cork idea. I found the perfect size to plug my thumbhole. Tapped it down flush, worked perfectly, now I have a good way to get rid of about 3 old bowling balls and an excuse to buy a new one!

  4. Hannah Begley says

    Cute idea! These colorful critters will surely be the source of a conversation! Turning something old and used into something new and gorgeous (not to mention adorable,) is fantastic!

  5. elizabethsagarminaga says

    Its magnificent ideas to make a garden from recycled objects. These ideas will definitely make your garden beautiful. The instruction that you have shared with us is very simple and easy and can add a jovial ambiance in your backyard.

    • Susan says

      Love lady bugs. You know I was hired to landscape a gas station. In the middle of the largest bed was this round rusty thin grate. A LITTLE WHITE, RED, AND BLACK CHANGED IT INTO A HUGE FLAT LADY BUG. I EVEN PAINTED A MAMA LADY BUG WITH A HALF DOZEN BABIES TRYING TO FOLLOW HER AN A HUGE LANDSCAPE ROCK. LOOKED REALLY CUTE AND THE LADY BUGS JUST MADE THE BED “POP”.


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