Blog: Garden Basics: How to Dig a Hole

Did you know that there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to dig a hole? Learn what size your hole should be before planting to ensure a happy plant.

My latest vacation terrarium filled with souvenirs from my trip to Savannah, Georgia.

Blog: DIY Home Decor: Vacation Terrarium

Create a momento of your latest vacation by creating a ‘vacation terrarium’ using small souvenirs and a glass container – the perfect DIY home decor project!

From Our Community

Gardening Pictures Past & Present… Wednesday 4/16/14

Welcome to our Wednesday picture post. Each of  you are invited to post the picture or pictures of your choice. A closeup of this years first tulip.
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Sparrows building nests on car engine

We have birds going under and on top of our car tires and building nests up in the engines.  My husband keeps cleaning them out of both our…
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