You Must See These Contest-Winning National Parks Pictures

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Get ready to be amazed. You must see these jaw-dropping, scenic state and national parks pictures that won the 2020 Your Parks Photo Contest.

Courtesy Jon Ruffalo
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Grand Prize: Great Sand Dunes National Park

One grand prize winner was judged superior among thousands of amazing state and national parks pictures. The winner of the 2020 Your Parks Photo Contest is Jon Ruffolo of Warrenville, Illinois. He says, “This photo was taken in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado. Right when I turned to head back, I looked out in the distance and saw another camper further out into the dunes. I instantly saw an epic composition and quickly zoomed to 300mm and fired a single frame before the hiker disappeared below the horizon.” Love contest winning photos? You must see these spectacular hummingbird photo contest winners.

Courtesy Bob Oehlman
Point Arena Lighthouse

First Place: Point Arena Lighthouse

Bob Oehlman of Irvine, California, says “The Point Arena Lighthouse, a California State Historical Landmark, stands strong against a brewing storm in the Point Arena State Marine Conservation Area in Northern California.” Psst—check out 35 national parks you can tour online right now.

Courtesy Peter Mangolds
Grand Teton National Park

Second Place: Grand Teton National Park

Peter Mangolds of Jackson, Wyoming, says, “This photo depicts both scenic landscapes, as well as a symbolic start to a life’s journey. I spent many mornings and evenings just waiting for the light to be right at this location in Grand Teton National Park so that I could capture the perfect moment.” Next, check out 50 beautiful winter pictures across America.

Courtesy Chuck Robinson
Grand Canyon National Park

Honorable Mention: The Grand Canyon

Chuck Robinson of Parkton, Maryland, says, “I visited the Grand Canyon while on vacation in the Southwest. There was a passing storm on this morning. I was trying to capture some lightning strikes off in the distance. Not being too successful capturing any lightning, I decided to stick around just to see the sunrise. As soon as the sun broke the horizon, a double rainbow appeared.”

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Courtesy Jessa James
Lake Hartwell

Honorable Mention: Lake Hartwell Tugaloo State Park

Jessa James of Mount Airy, Georgia, says, “Our family loves spending time together on Lake Hartwell every summer. We will cherish memories like this for a lifetime.”

Courtesy Debbie McCulliss
Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Honorable Mention: Yellowstone National Park

Debbie McCulliss of Greenwood Village, Colorado, says, “Photographing bison at Yellowstone National Park is on most every wildlife photographer’s bucket list. Yellowstone bison have to deal with deep snow, cold temperatures, and unpredictable weather during the winter. During a recent visit, I snapped a stunning national parks picture of this herd of bison in front of fresh snow-covered trees before the next storm.” Check out more amazing wildlife photos in Yellowstone National Park.

Courtesy Erin Gatfield
Grand Teton National Park

Honorable Mention: Grand Teton National Park

Erin Gatfield of Boise, Idaho, says, “Leaf balsamroot and purple larkspur were still in full bloom in the meadow, making for a dramatic viewing of these gorgeous bears in Grand Teton National Park!” Discover the best national parks to visit for spring wildflowers.

Couypc20 Darlene Bonnett
Courtesy Darlene Bonnett
Inyo National Forest, California

Honorable Mention: Inyo National Forest

Darlene Bonnett of Jamestown, New York, says, “I’d always wanted to see the ancient bristle cone pines! When I found a workshop that would take me to the Inyo National Forest to photograph the bristle cone pines with the Milky Way, I knew I had to go. I was not disappointed! The ancient trees against the mysterious, galactic beauty of the Milky Way left me humbled and awed.” Discover 7 awesome facts about national parks.

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