Top 3 Sites for Nature and Birding in Washington D.C.

Don't miss these ways to explore nature and see birds and other wildlife in our nation's capital.

Nestled inside Washington D.C., the National Mall and Memorial Parks area serves as a sanctuary for history buffs, nature lovers and birders alike. Varied habitats, such as marshes and woodlands, provide homes for many feathered friends and prime birding. While strolling between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, keep your eyes open for a variety of wildlife species.

1. Go Birding in Washington D.C.

Bring all your birding essentials when visiting East Potomac Park and the Tidal Basin. Located on an artificial island, the park attracts a variety of fall migrants, including Forster’s terns, common loons and great black-backed gulls.

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2. Cast a Line

Licensed fishers may cast lines at the Constitution Gardens Lake and several other nearby locations. Reel in bluegill, largemouth bass and more. It’s important to note that the Constitution Gardens Lake is best for catch-and-release fishing.

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3. Board a Boat

Get a whole new view of the Tidal Basin by renting a paddleboat for an afternoon. During March or April, the sight of the blooming cherry blossoms is spectacular from the water. And throughout the year, the monuments look amazing from a different angle.

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