5 Essential Tools for Fall Garden Cleanup

Let these gardening gadgets lend a hand with fall cleanup. You'll spruce up your yard and garden in record time.

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Amazing Rake picking up leaves
Via Amazing Rake

Amazing Rake

Make fall cleanup a breeze while saying goodbye to back strain by using a 3-in-1 rake this fall. Don’t forget to save some of the leaves and turn them into a fun DIY fall wreath.

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Pad-It cushion for knees
Via GelPro

Pad-It Cushion

Give your knees a break! This handy cushion provides needed relief during long gardening sessions in every season. Follow this handy checklist to see which fall gardening chores you can do in just 5 minutes. The cushion can also double as a seat cushion, perfect for sitting on the sideline at soccer games.

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Gardening gloves protect hands from sharp thorns.
Via Garrett Wade

Cut-and-Puncture-Resistant Gardening Gloves

Whether you’re avoiding prickly thorns or doing some heavy-duty yard work, these protective gloves are ready to keep your hands safe. Psst—now that you’re not worried about thorns, here’s how to choose the best roses for your garden.

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Twist Tiller breaking up dirt
Via Gardeners Edge

Twist Twiller

Breaking up dirt will suddenly seem like a fun activity once you give this twist tiller a chance. Simply step down, then turn the handle! If you have mini helping hands in the garden, here are the best gardening tools for kids.

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CobraHead garden tool
Via CobraHead

Weeding and Cultivator Garden Tool

Taking care of weeds can be a pain, literally, but this ergonomically designed weeder and cultivator garden tool helps make the dreaded task a lot more enjoyable. Follow these 12 tips for tackling weeds in your garden.

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