Introduce Kids to Birding With These Gift Ideas

Children are naturally curious about the world around them.  Encourage them to explore it further by introducing them to ‘birding’.

Three Finches

Children are naturally curious about the world around them.  Encourage them to explore it further by introducing them to ‘birding’.  These gift ideas will help them to learn more about our feathered friends beginning with the ones that visit their backyard.

My kids keep record of the different kinds of birds that visit our garden and whenever we get a rare visitor, they get as excited as I do.  When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I like to include a fun gift that will help them further explore the world around them.  This holiday season, I have listed some great gift ideas that will help kids discover the fascinating world of birding.


These Fisher-Price Binoculars are perfect for young kids and will help them to spot birds from far away.

Beginning Bird Watcher's book

Teach kids how to keep track of the different birds they have spotted with this Beginning Birdwatcher Book.  My kids love any book with stickers, so this one is sure to be a hit.


Bingo is a fun game for both young and old alike.  Bird Bingo puts a feathered-spin on this popular game and helps kids learn to identify different species of birds, all while having fun.

Chickadee House Kit

Set out the welcome mat for chickadees by making a birdhouse with this kid-friendly Chickadee House Kit.  

Bird Log Kids

This book will teach kids how to journal about the birds they view.  Bird Log will also teach children about birds using games and projects.

Junior Bird Feeder Hobby Kit for Children

The Junior Bird Feeder Hobby Kit is specially geared towards kids who can build this bird feeder (with a little help from an adult).  When birds come to visit this feeder, the excitement a child feels is extra special because they made it with their own hands.

Peterson Field Guide Color-In

If your child likes to color, like my daughter does, then Peterson Field Guide Color-In Book for Birds is a great gift idea for them.  Children are taught about the unique coloring of each bird, which they then recreate using colored pencils (not included).  They can then frame or hang up their finished art, if desired.


Peterson’s First Guides for Birds is a great beginner book for the young birder and will introduce them to a lifetime of birding.

As you can see, there are many great gifts available to teach the kids in your life about the wonderful world of birds.

For other ideas on how to introduce children to birding, check out this great Birds & Blooms article: “Introduce Kids to Birding”.

Noelle Johnson
Noelle Johnson is a horticulturist and certified arborist who lives and gardens in the desert Southwest. When she is not writing or helping other people with their gardens, you can find her growing fruits and vegetables, and planting flowering shrubs and maybe a cactus or two.