Bird-Themed Gifts for Mother’s Day

Choose a bird-themed gift as a unique present for Mother's Day this year!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, any bird lover is sure to enjoy these bird-themed gifts. Check out one of these ideas for your mom, grandma, wife, aunt, or any other special mother in your life.

1. Hummingbird Feeder –  Get a new hummingbird feeder this Mother’s Day so she can attract these amazing little birds to her yard this summer. Be sure to get one that has bright colors and is easy to clean.

Bird-Themed Gifts for Mother's Day
Rob Ripma The gift of a hummingbird feeder can help attract a number of species if you are in the west such as this Anna’s Hummingbird.

2. Bird House – Bird houses are a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed all summer long. Read about some of the common backyard nesters that she might be able to attract.

3. Bird-friendly Coffee – Give delicious shade-grown coffee that she’s sure to enjoy, and help protect many bird species in the tropics at the same time. Birds & Beans is my favorite!

4. Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of the Midwest – The latest Kaufman guide is just about to be released! If your mom lives in the Midwest, this is a great guide to help her identify all of the wildlife she is likely to see near home. If she lives elsewhere, the Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England is also available, and other regions will be coming out too.

Bird-Themed Gifts for Mother's Day

5. Native Plants – The birds and other wildlife that native plants bring to backyards can be fantastic! Learn about the native plants from Birds & Blooms here.

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Rob Ripma
Rob Ripma, a lifelong Indiana resident, has traveled and birded extensively throughout the Americas.