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8 Beautiful Bird Face Masks Available on Etsy

Stay healthy and show off your love of birding, gardening and nature with these lovely reusable face masks.

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Gardening for Birds Face Masks

If you love to grow flowers to attract birds, we’ve found the perfect face masks for you! Choose from one of two gorgeous prints, or go ahead and order both if you can’t pick a favorite.

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cardinal face maskVia Esty

Snowy Cardinal Face Mask

Bright red cardinals brighten up any winter day. They’ll also brighten up your mood every time you wear this cheerful face mask.

Psst—here’s the best bird feeders and birdseed for cardinals.

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bird face maskVia

Bird and Flower Face Mask

We love the variety of birds and blooms on this beautiful mask! Even if you’ve never seen some of these species in person, you can wear this face mask and dream of traveling on an epic birding journey.

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songbird face maskVia Etsy

Bird Face Mask

Buy this face mask to wear while you hurry through your errands. Then you can go on a nature walk and look for birds in the treetops.

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owl face maskVia Etsy

Owl Face Mask

Who goes there? You won’t be totally anonymous in this face mask, especially if your friends and family members know you love owls.

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hummingbird face maskVia Etsy

Hummingbird Face Mask

Colorful hummingbirds are admired by birdwatchers everywhere. Show your hummingbird love with this vibrant floral face mask.

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goldfinch face maskVia

Goldfinch Face Mask

These small yellow birds are just oh so cute! This mask is perfect for all goldfinch lovers. Psst—if you like to watch goldfinches, make sure you get the best finch feeders to attract them.

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songbird face maskVia

Songbird Face Mask

Bluebirds, chickadees, and warblers, oh my! Get excited for all the birds you’ll spot during spring migration when you wear this face mask.

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Lori Vanover
Lori Vanover is the senior digital editor for Birds & Blooms. She has a bachelor's degree in agricultural and environmental communications from the University of Illinois. Lori is certified as a Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener and is also a member of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology.