Top 10 Tasty New Veggies You Should Grow

Take these exciting, new fresh vegetables from the garden to your kitchen.

Grow tasty vegetable varieties that are new for 2018! Try any one of these brand-new vegetables that have debuted this year, and it will quickly become your new favorite. Many of these 2018 veggies may not be available at your favorite local garden center just yet. Keep them on your radar or check the AAS website ( for a list of local suppliers. If you want to see the best and newest flower varieties for 2018, don’t miss Top 10 Best New Plants for 2018!

photo credit: All-America Selections

1. Valentine tomato

Solanum Lycopersicum ‘Valentine’

You’ll “heart” this award-winning, sweet-tasting, deep-red grape tomato that matures early (55 days after transplanting) and holds on the vine without cracking or losing quality.

photo credit: All-America Selections

2. American Dream sweet corn

Zea Mays ‘American Dream’

This new bicolor variety was tested against a previous All-America Selections winner, Honey ‘N Pearl, and it came out on top. American Dream features excellent germination and tender, super sweet kernels.

photo credit: All-America Selections

3. Red Racer cocktail tomato

Solanum Lycopersicum ‘Red Racer’

These 11/2-inch cocktail tomatoes—larger than cherry or grape varieties—boast good flavor on a small-size plant. The 3-foot-tall, vigorous, high-yielding plants perform well in containers.

photo credit: Seed Savers Exchange

4. Auntie Wilder pole bean

Phaseolus Vulgaris ‘Auntie Wilder’

Though it’s an heirloom, this bean is new to most gardeners. Brought to the U.S. from Sweden in the 1890s, it’s a vigorous climber with 7-inch dark purple pods. The sweet, tender, juicy pods took top honors in a snap bean taste test.

photo credit: Seed Savers Exchange

5. Jebousek lettuce

Lactuca Sativa ‘Jebousek’

Brought from Czechoslovakia decades ago, this deer-tongue lettuce forms rosettes with dark green triangular leaves and is easy to grow. It won a Seed Savers Exchange lettuce taste test.

photo credit: Harris Seeds & The National Garden Bureau

6. Mashed Potatoes squash

Cucurbita species

It’s as pretty as it is tasty! This low-sugar white acorn squash grows 1- to 11/2-pound fruits. When baked and fluffed, it has the consistency and look of mashed potatoes. For the best flavor, harvest early.

photo credit: All-America Selections

7. Asian Delight pak choi

Brassica Rapa ‘Asian Delight’

This cool-season veggie was a 2018 All-America Selections winner. It’s a mini variety that yields tender white ribs and dark green leaves. You’ll harvest more than with typical pak chois because it is slow to bolt.

photo credit: All-America Selections

8. Roulette habanero pepper

Capsicum Chinense ‘Roulette’

Red, thick-walled fruits taste citrusy and have habanero flavor, but no heat! Try this 31/2-foot-tall pepper, which has a very high yield (up to 100 per plant), in containers or in the garden.

photo credit: All-America Selections

9. Red Ember cayenne pepper

Capsicum Annuum ‘Red Ember’

All-America Selections judges described this pepper’s thick-walled fruit as spicy and tastier than the traditional cayenne. It matures earlier than other cayenne peppers, so even if you have a short growing season you’ll actually get red ones.

photo credit: Sakata & The National Garden Bureau

10. Fresh Start beet

Beta Vulgaris ‘Fresh Start’

If you love fresh greens, try this variety that’s grown only for the leaves. In 25 to 35 days, begin cutting off the leaves above the roots and repeat several times for an extended harvest.

Deb Wiley
Deb Wiley is a freelance writer and editor from Des Moines, Iowa. She loves plants that attract birds to her garden.