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Updated: Feb. 07, 2023

Photographed with my Nikon D7100 & Nikon Lens 70-200 MM 2.8 I captured this photo of the Male Ruby-throated Juvenile Hummingbird getting nectar from the pink Cafe Au Lait Royal dahlia in my Illinois garden. You will see that this juvenile male hummingbird is starting to show several red throat feathers which they usually get in late summer, but do not get a full red gorget until their first winter. This was the first year for planting the dahlia in my Illinois garden and was hoping the hummingbirds would be attracted to these flowers. It took a while for them to visit the dahlia as they seem to prefer the Zinnia’c7’83’d9s as one of their favorites. As the summer when on final they came to get nectar from the beautiful pink dahlia. Always exciting to capture the Hummingbirds but even more exciting when they land on a gorgeous flower.

248425694 1 Mary Lynn  Giacomini  Bnbhc20Courtesy Mary Lynn Giacomini