Make the backyard garden of your dreams a reality with these gardening tips and ideas from our experts.

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Top 10 Drought Gardening Ideas

Beat the heat with these ten drought gardening tips.

Colorful Drought Resistant Plants

Choose drought resistant plants for more color without using a lot of water.

Grow Dogwood Trees to Attract Birds

Not only do dogwoods trees have good looks, they also attract wildlife. Add a beautiful tree to your yard for...

Small Trees That Attract Birds for Food, Shelter and Nesting

Attract more birds with these small trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter in all seasons. These varieties are...

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Atala Hairstreak: A Butterfly Success Story

We’ve been having an exciting couple of weeks at the butterfly exhibit where I work. About a month ago, we

Beneficial Garden Bugs

Not all garden bugs are bad! Learn about good bugs for your garden and how they help.

Nighttime Music: Singing Garden Bugs

Ever wondered “What's singing in my garden?” We’ve got answers! Find out more about singing garden bugs.

Bees or Flies? How to Identify Common Garden Bugs

Bees and their look-alikes are good bugs for your garden. Learn about robber flies, bee flies, and more.

Gorgeous Garden Bugs: The Joy of Moths

Get to know these beautiful moths, and you’ll realize these are good bugs for your garden.

Controlling Caterpillars as Garden Insect Pests

Some butterfly and moth caterpillars can be serious garden insect pests. Get tips for controlling these garden bugs.

Attracting Skimmers: Good Garden Bugs

Some of the most beautiful of garden bugs, skimmer dragonflies eat pest insects, making them very good bugs for your...

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Favorite Fall Plants: Pink-Flowering Ornamental Grass

Fall is in the air and summer blooms are beginning to fade, but the garden is far from being finished

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Got Soggy Soil? Grow Your Plants Above the Ground

Do you have a spot in your landscape that looks a little like this one?  Many of us have an

Attracting Butterflies With Fuzzy Flowers

Fuzzy flower heads contain hundreds of tiny nectar-filled florets, attracting butterflies from near and far.

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Favorite Fall Plant: Autumn Sage

Living in the Desert Southwest, I am always grateful when September comes around and the summer heat begins to abate.

4 Tasty Ways to Deal With Zucchini Overload

Try these delicious recipes from Taste of Home to use up your bountiful crop of homegrown zucchini.

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Add Dramatic Flair With Black Flowers and Foliage

In recent visits to the nursery, I have noticed plants with an unusual color that is not often seen in

Dos and Don’ts of Freezing Your Vegetable Harvest

Ready to harvest those veggies? Try freezing them to enjoy long after the summer days are gone!

Learn Why Sunflowers and Tomatoes Make Great Companion Plants

Plant sunflowers to attract more pollinators like birds and bees to your garden for the best tomato crop ever.

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How To Create More Cacti From One…

Have you ever wondered how cacti reproduce? Okay, maybe not.  But, cacti, like many succulents reproduce by either seed or

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Colorful Cannas for Any Garden

When we bought our home in Florida several years ago, we found several treasures in the otherwise bland backyard. As

Opposites Attract: Using Color in the Flower Garden

The color theory of pairing colors together from opposite sides of the color wheel for great contrast works well in...

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A Simple Midwest Lakeside Garden

During a trip to Ohio a few months back, I came across this simple flower garden at the edge of

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Beautiful Perennials for a Colorful, Butterfly Garden

Do you know what is better then a garden bed filled with colorful perennials?  One that is filled with perennials

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Favorite Summer Flowers: Hollyhock

Whenever I am asked what my favorite summer flowers are, Hollyhocks are always in my “Top 5”. When spring arrives

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My Most Common Backyard Butterflies

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are basically always butterflies in my Central Florida yard. We have a

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Growing Succulents From Cuttings

Succulents are by far, my favorite type of plants to grow.  They have such interesting shapes and thrive despite my