Make the backyard garden of your dreams a reality with these gardening tips and ideas from our experts.

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Making the Most of Gardening Zones

Gardening zones define where you live - but not necessarily what you can grow.

Beetles: Beneficial Garden Bugs

Japanese beetles are an unwelcome sight to most gardeners, but there are plenty of beetles that are actually good bugs...

Top 10 Colorful Ground Cover Plants for Your Garden

These easy-to-grow ground cover plants are perennials that will brighten your yard and garden for years to come.

Top 10 New Plants for 2013

These new plants made the top of our list in 2013. Check the list and add a few to your...

Top 10 Tulip Favorites

Our top tulips were chosen for their wide variety of color, size, and bloom time.

How to Safely Transplant Perennials

Break free of tradition — most perennials are fine for transplanting almost any time of the year. Here's how to...

Big Container Garden Ideas

Make a big impact with these container garden ideas.

New Plants for Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Perk up your backyard vegetable garden by swapping old standards for new veggies!

Easy Gardening for Tough Locations

Living in the far north or south can make for tough growing conditions, but we've got tips for easy gardening...

Plant a Rain Garden

Plant a rain garden to make better use of the water nature provides.

Gardening For Your Health

Looking for a healthier lifestyle? Find how just how good gardening for your health can be!

Plant a Healing Garden

Healing happens outside too. Learn how to plant a healing garden for outdoor therapy anytime.

Winter Container Gardens

Greet your holiday guests with a brilliant winter diy container garden.

Best Veggies to Grow in Southwestern Vegetable Gardens

A garden expert explains the best vegetables that grow well in her desert southwestern veggie garden.

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Plant Bulbs in Fall for a Beautiful Spring Display

Pink Hyacinth A beautiful spring display of spring-blooming bulbs begins the previous fall. Yellow Tulips With the approaching holidays and

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Winter Cassia

Florida’s fall colors are a little different than those up north. While others are watching the last colorful leaves of

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Butterflies in Winter

With snow already on the ground in some areas and the cold winds of winter starting to blow in others,

5 Fascinating Facts About Pumpkins

Get ready for fall by learning more about pumpkins.

Extend The Gardening Season With Herbs

Plant herbs in a sunny window and harvest them to use in your favorite recipes all year long.

Top 10 Best Tomatoes to Grow

Go beyond the ordinary with these unique picks that boast terrific flavor and bright colors for your tomato garden.

Top 10 Shrubs for Shade

Don't let your shady yard stop you from having a lively landscape—jazz up your space with our list of the...

Top 10 Plants You Can’t Kill

Tough as nails, but they're pretty, too. Turn your black thumb into a green thumb with our picks for the...

Top 10 Flowers for Harvesting Seeds

Stick to your plant budget by harvesting seeds from these 10 flowers. They'll reward you with blooms in growing seasons...

Top 10 Seed-Bearing Plants

Keep these seed-bearing plants in your garden all winter long, and the birds will thank you for the extra food...

Top 10 Dwarf Fruit Trees for Small Spaces

You don’t need to own acres of orchards or live in the South to grow gorgeous fruit trees. You can...

Top 10 Tropical Plants

With a sunny window and a little patience, you can grow tropical plants for your home.

Top 10 Edible Flowering Plants

Add gusto to your garden with these flavorful, edible flowering plants that you can harvest for culinary purposes.