Wintertime Planning for Springtime Improvements

Believe it or not, by this time of year — just over one month into the New Year — nearly

Believe it or not, by this time of year — just over one month into the New Year — nearly one-third of us have been unsuccessful with our New Year resolutions. And by the time June rolls around, nearly half of us will have fallen off the resolution bandwagon completely!

Lucky for us gardeners, it’s not too late to make some garden resolutions for the New Year. Kick off the 2013 gardening season with a fresh start and a renewed outlook.

If you’re like me, you’re already dreaming of warmer days, bright colors and the endless possibilities spring planting has to offer. Now is the time to put your plan to paper and come up with some creative ways to spruce up the garden! Start thinking about the ways you want to freshen up your garden beds, (and start early!) by incorporating cold-tolerant blooms such as pansies, osteospermum, dianthus or viola. These versatile and vibrant plants can serve a multitude of purposes in revamping your landscape.

Here are a few ways you can successfully incorporate new life in your landscape this spring:

  • Come up with new combos this New Year – Try something new, like a flower you’ve never grown before, like some of the new trailing pansies recently introduced, or a color that’s outside your typical color pallet. Break the mold and create your own mixed container by combining textures and bloom sizes for a unique arrangement. Add reliable, cool-season favorites like pansies with a variety of ornamental grasses, alyssum, osteospermum, dianthus and more. These plants are ideal for cooler spring temperatures and promise to hold their beauty through the onset of warm summer temperatures.

Wintertime planning for springtime improvements

  • Get out and move! – Do a little feng shui in the garden and move things around for a fresh look! To successfully transplant your plants, add a small amount of diluted liquid fertilizer and continue to water well through any especially sunny, windy or dry days. It will take a couple of weeks for the plants to settle into their new environment, so be patient and diligent in their care! You’ll be amazed how an easy transplant can change the whole look and feel of your garden.
  • Grow “up” with your garden – Maximize your garden space by growing “up” with it! Cover up an unsightly space in your yard, like an air conditioner or deteriorating fence, with a tall tower of trailing pansies, or adorn your front porch with lush hanging baskets to create a vertical landscape for your home. To create a springy hanging basket, place three 4-inch size trailing pansy plants in a 10-12 inch basket or container. Don’t over-pack your container or your plants will be fighting for the nutrients they need to spread and cascade over the sides. Give them space to grow and watch how fast they fill in! For added flair, add seasonal items from the craft store, like decorative shamrocks, colored eggs or ornamental birds.

Wintertime planning for springtime improvements

What springtime improvements are you eager to make in your garden this season?