Winter Gardening Activities

Wishing you could get your hands in the dirt again? Try these winter gardening activities to keep you warm until spring arrives!

January is a rough month for gardeners in most parts of the country. Unless you live in Florida or Southern California, you’re probably stuck inside watching winter storm after winter storm sweep through. Take heart, gardeners! As the poet Shelley remarked, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” In the meantime, here are a selection of winter gardening activities to keep you busy and warm at heart.

Winter Gardening Activities
Give new life to garden pots before replanting in the spring.

Create a Windowsill Garden. If you have a sunny windowsill, there are plenty of options for winter gardening. You’ll need to keep an eye on temperature, especially if your windows aren’t well insulated. Grow microgreens, herbs, and more by following these windowsill gardening tips.

Grow Your Own Indoor Salad Garden. One of the best parts of summer is fresh produce on the dinner table. Enjoy the taste of summer in the middle of the cold months by growing a salad bowl garden. Leaf lettuce, arugula, and watercress are all great choices. Click here for help making your salad garden successful and delicious.

Experiment with Air Plants. Many folks enjoy winter gardening with potted plants, but if you have pets or small children you might worry about potential messes. Air plants are the perfect solution! These beauties, known more formally as tillandsias, don’t require soil at all. They thrive best in humid environments, but you can simulate that by misting regularly. These plants are especially fun to use in craft projects. Learn how to grow air plants here and do a search online to find vendors who sell hundreds of varieties. Then try making an air plant aquarium garden, terrarium globe, or wreath.

Decorate your Pots. Now’s a great time to dress up your indoor or outdoor pots to show off your personality. Cover a terra cotta pot in mosaic tiles, make a stacked planter, or turn a chair into a unique plant holder. Get even more ideas by clicking here.

Start a Garden Journal. Make this year the one you finally start documenting your garden experiences. Sketch your ideas, make lists from catalogs, capture inspiration, record what works… and what doesn’t. Try the simple route with a notebook, expand your journal with photo pages, or go hi-tech and start a blog or other online journal.

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